With Twitter, I Became A Reporter At #SWSG2012

That was how I feel when I attended the Startup Weekend 2012 in Singapore just yesterday.

Startup Weekend 2012 was held over 54hrs at NUS Business School. Yesterday at 6pm, about 20 startups had a 5min opportunity to present their wonderful ideas to some of our top local investors and entrepreneurs. The startup scene here is certainly growing and I like to congratulate the organizers Jacky and his team for the seamless event executions.

So when I first step into the atrium, the first thing I did was to draw out my iphone and began taking pictures with instagr.am. I uploaded the pictures to tumblr and started to tweet. I was like a reporter, reporting what presentation was coming up next, how is the idea different from its competitor and even what the judges were saying. And this is not just me alone! 😀 (some of the judges tweet out their thoughts too)

I think I was doing this for an hour or so when my friend tweeted a complained that I was spamming 😀


It’s not just reporting, with twitter I even had the opportunity to ask the judges questions. And they replied!!! It just makes the world closer.

I have 2 questions and would love to hear from you guys!

Q: What would you have done to avoid spamming on your friends’ twitter timeline?

Q: Have you ever use twitter as a reporting tool? And how would you make twitter a better reporting tool?

Thanks @jpaine and all the judges for sharing! Thank you Jacky and your team
Good luck to all the startups in this long an painful journey! 

Let’s take the Q&A into comments!

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