WordPress or tumblr? ifttt solves my problem!

I love wordpress, easy to use, hassle free and a good SEO. I always been promoting wordpress to my friends and even business partners.

Than instagram arrives and I would love to post my photos straight to my WordPress blog but it was not possible (not totally impossible I could always do an email post)


So I started a tumblr blog to build up my personal collections of instagram photos. Now this is the part where it gets a bit complicated. The more instagram photos I took the more interaction I have with tumblr. It’s fun, I love the reblogging feature and many sites that writes about startup have a blog on tumblr too. So at one point in time, I actually though of shifting my blog over to tumblr :D.

Now a solution has arrived. In come IFTTT  (If This Than That) – a startup that helps make internet work better for us.

I can set up the following instructions.

if there is a instagram post than post it to wordpress.

With this feature I can chose to leave my tumblr blog and have all my instagram photos on my wordpress blog. You can even select tags, for example. If the instagram photo is tag #startup than it will be posted onto the wordpress site. There are many combinations that you can make the internet better for you 😀

I strongly recommend IFTTT for anyone finding ways to manage their social networks or finding ways to make internet better for themselves.

Thank you Linden Tibbets (Founder IFTTT) for solving my problem.

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