The Angel’s Gate Experience

Now that our Angel’s Gate episode is out, do you have any feedback for us? Earlier I shared about the preparation for Angel’s Gate.  Today I like share my experience with you.

below is a 140 characters on what Intraix is about 😀!/TheAngelsGate/status/174102901361348608

Begin on a TV show is no easy task, I was very nervous during the shoot. As I step into the studio, there were 3~5 cameras aiming at us. The lights were very glaring and intimating too. But I was very fortunate to have a co-founder that stands beside and give me the encouragement. Besides the monetary and publicity reward which an Entrepreneur can possible gain during the show, I think AG provides a very good platform for Entrepreneurs to see if you are camera shy. 😛

I would also like to take this opportunity to share the following.

Do not worry that you only have wireframes, Intraix attended the AG show with only wireframes!/TheAngelsGate/status/174104334164955137

Do not be depress when others are not receptive about your idea – You can’t please everyone. Show them your passion, it’s all about execution.!/TheAngelsGate/status/174104658292383746

Who says Singapore have no natural entrepreneurs? Darrell and I took our risk. You should do too. What’s the worst? When everything fail, we can still become taxi drivers!

Learn to say NO.!/TheAngelsGate/status/174105666384965632

So if you are thinking if you should join The Angel’s Gate, DO IT. Have your idea validated.

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