He Never Stops Dreaming.

He Never Stops Dreaming.

Jeremy Lin is on Fire!!!, he is also now the World’s Fastest Growing Athlete Brand according to Forbe.

So why did he became so popular, besides his stunning performance on the court. Because we can all see a little bit of ourselves in this man’s struggles and now successes.

He has an average height (according to NBA standard), he did not do well in his previous team. He was unnoticed. But most importantly he did not give up. He sized the opportunity given to him in Knicks, of course he also paid it off with hard work on the court. He’s like a hero and people wish that the same thing to him.

I adored him too. His story can be easily related to the experience of running a startup. You come up with an idea and a vison that the idea could change the world. You quit your job and venture straight into your idea only to realized that many things were not as easy as you expected to be. (the startups reported on techcrunch that raised loads of money seem to be so far away) You run out of your saving, your bills start piling up. At this point, do you give up? Maybe, maybe not. Obviously Jeremy Lin did not! He struggled but he hanged on.

So what’s the next step for you/me? I would love to hear your stories on who motivates you in the comments, lets take the discussion there 😀
Continue to dream…

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