The future is about writing.

I’m terrible at writing, often my buddy have to correct my grammar or spelling mistakes on our company’s blog post. I am concern because the future is more about writing than ever.


With increasing engagement of the internet, people use IM, emails, blogs and even now ability to have self puslishing ebooks to communicate thier ideas. If I am not able to communicate my ideas with my writing, I will be in deep trouble going ahead (check out the reading below). So I took up the challenge to start blogging in 2010 as a way to improve my english.

writing is making a comeback all over our society – 37signal “Rework” pg 222

So I like to thank startup founders who gave me a chance to write about them 😀 btw I think all aspiring entrepreneurs should read “Rework“, I regret reading it too late. Here is a page on writing from “Rework”

So how would you suggest to improve my command for english?

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