Have You Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy Yet?

Fund raising is hard, there is no doubt about it. I experienced first hand myself now. Together with Darrell, we are currently in the mist of this bloody long and suffering process. Yes! this fund raising is affecting me both physically and mentally, but that’s a good thing because I learn quite a bit in this process. So do we have a fund raising strategy but is it as the article I read below. Nope.

Getting rejected is just part of the growing process and learning to accept rejection is a tough cookie at the initial stage. The quote below by Mark Suster who is a 2x entrepreneur and has gone to the Dark Side of VC.

Every company is different so it’s hard to listen to advice from the uber-successful fund raisers. Their story will likely be very different from yours. Fund raising is bloody hard. It takes a lot of work. Don’t believe otherwise.

Link to Mark Suster’s article: How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy.

And here’s a video that be useful as well

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