Failed IPPT? Try Again. Failed #startup?

update: I finally pass my standing broad jump after my 4th attempt  

Last thursday, I failed my IPPT because I couldn’t pass my standing broad jump. This have been a long time problem for me but nevertheless every year I keep trying till one day I pass. I keep trying and this keeps me away from RT.

But what happen when you failed a startup? Would you be given a second chance? Well, if I understand correctly the Spring Yes startup fund is only available for first time entrepreneur and below the age of 26. Than I start to wonder if an entrepreneur aged 25 applies for the Yes fund but he started a business at 23 and failed. Will the entrepreneur will qualify for the grant? From my understanding and what is written on the site, my guess is a big “NO”

Spring: Why this fund is only for 1st time entrepreneur?

I maybe thinking a bit too far on this but if Singapore is trying to push for entrepreneurship yet it has a policy that does not encourage failure. Isn’t this contradicting?

What says you? Do you think the entrepreneur should be given another chance to try?

*i failed my IPPT again but my shuttle run has improved. Still I am going again next week.


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