Do you like taking pictures of your food?

I like taking pictures of my food and share it online with my friends. I know there is a particular niche app for this on iphone – foodspotting but I didn’t bother to try it. Well because most of my friends are using instagram and besides pictures taken with instagram looks great too. But most importantly because my friends are on it, I am able to received comments, sometimes from there photos it helps me to find good bites too. (Finding and getting to good food is I believe a hobby among Singaporeans)

However, today I discover that Evernote has a new product offering. It is call Evernote Food. So I decided to give it a try. STOP! “You must be wondering are most of my friends using Evernote Food too?” The answer is no, but because I am a fan of Evernote itself so I gave it a try.

Preserve and relive memorable food experiences. From fine dining to family gatherings to a local food truck, remember every delicious moment.

I am sad to say this but the Evernote food did not meet my expectation. Maybe I was expecting a little bit more from Evernote.

Evernote Food allows me to key in details on Title, Place, Tags and Meal Notes
The dashboard works just like a dairy
Especially love the part where Evernote Food syncs with Evernote, It looks neat and beautiful

I liked

  1. The part that Evernote Food works together with Evernote, because the picture of the food is display in a beautiful format like a notebook.

I disliked

  1. Evernote Food hang when I tried to share it over facebook
  2. Evernote Food was not able to determine my GPS location – (I am guessing maybe Evernote Food cannot work outside US yet or my iphone GPS system is spoilt)

Since I am on the topic of food, I like to share about another rising Singapore startup in this space – is the brainchild of Elisha and Dixon. It is a Social Mobile Food Diary that allow users to save, share and discover food moments. They are still in the beta stage and I did not manage to get an invite yet (it’s HOT). But Dixon did show me the app interface before. “I not saying this to get an invite but the interface sure look stunningly beautiful” I have no comment of the app experience yet.

Anyhow, I guess for the time begin it’s back to instagram. 😀 So what about you? Do you like taking pictures of your food and share it with your friends? if Yes, what app do you use? Instagram? Foodspotting? or Others?

p/s I do know Elisha and Dixon, we sit just opposite each other when we were hot-desking at Blk71.

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