I am going to do this in 2012

After looking back at 2011, I will be setting out my 2012 New Year Resolutions in this post. I read this article “3 Year Personal Development Plan” from David Cummings and decided to take some references from him in categorizing my New Year Resolutions. First – Personal goals

Second – Family

  • Attend church with mom once a month
  • Visit western country x1

Third – Professional

  • Secured 10,000 users for Intraix in 1st year
  • Hit $50,000 in sales for new retail venture

Let’s make 2012 a blast. Do What You Love. – Bryan Lee

5 thoughts on “I am going to do this in 2012

  1. Dear Bryan,
    My partner tried to get in touch with your around.com.sg team using their contact email. So far we seem to be unsuccessful. I’ve taken charge of the responsibility of contacting you directly. I’m in Southern California, USA and am very interested in discussing a mutual opportunity regarding your restaurant application. Please contact me via email at johnlack@cox.net or johnlack@yahoo.com. I look forward to meeting you.
    Best Regards,
    John Lack
    P.S. Here is the contents previously email to around.com.sg on January 6, 2012…
    Dear Sirs,
    My name is Ronald Bloomfield, President of Bloomfield Financial Group, Inc. and I’m located near Los Angeles, California, USA.
    I’ have visited your website at: http://around.com.sg/ . I am very impressed with your work. I would like to ask you and your team if you’ would be interested in licensing your code to me for use in the United States and Canada? I believe it has merit and would like to, or at the very least, examine further the possibility of employing your software platform in the USA.
    If you’re interested, I would welcome the opportunity of discussing this further. I know there i’s a very large time difference between your workday and mine, but that should not be a barrier for communicating.
    I can be reached at rsbloom@earthlink.net via email. My office hours are typically between 7 AM to 4PM Pacific Standard Time. This means that I am -18 hours behind your time zone (2 PM PST equates to 6 AM tomorrow your time http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ ). I would venture to say that exchanging emails quickly could be achieved best from between 6AM to 11AM your time. I can always respond to you from my home during evening hours.

    I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you and your team.


    Ronald Bloomfield

    1. Hi Jack,

      Nice to hear from you. Just to clarify some things up 😀

      I am not with around.com.sg. I know their founders and they were very kind to let me interview them and place the article up on my blog.

      Here is the article. https://leetucksing.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/chat-with-founders-from-gozo-labs/

      I have send forward this comment about the possible licensing opportunities to the founders.

      Thanks for the interest towards around and I am glad to see that our Singapore startups is picking up interest from global investors.


  2. Bryan,
    Thank you for answering my email. I would highly appreciate you contacting the founders of Around.com.sg . I’ve had a very difficult time trying to email them. I don’t seem to have the correct email. Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    John Lack

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