Singing Startups and Rapping VCs

Just a month ago, I blogged about creating online videos on youtube as part of their fundraising effort.

Now it seems like Startups and VCs now are into singing and rapping. Here’s a startup that created an online video giving tribute to their favorite entrepreneurs (who are all “new dorks”)

We made it because there’s a new type of dork that is cooler than ever. Look at tech entrepreneurs, hipsters, Computer Science Barbie – they’re all super popular new dorks! –

Here is another from NY startups about the event Raise Cache

The video was filmed all over NYC startup hotbeds – TechStars, GA, 36 Cooper Square, The Makery, the OnSwipe office (which was the RaiseCache HQ).

VCs too are in this game. Here’s one from First Round Capital.

I especially like this video while at the same time thinking if any VCs in Singapore would be as fun to produce such video? (A coin has 2 side, here another opinion of the video)

Also immediately after watching the video, I started to ask around among our local startups if anyone would be interested to produce one for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Amelia co-founder of was first to response. (She was the one who first shared this VC video) Jacky co-founder of also chime in. And of course – my partner Darrell. We are targeting to have 20 local startups in the video. So if you are Startup in Singapore, and you are interested to join us to create a video just to hype up the local startup scene – just give me a tweet.

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