Do you still read blogs?

Do you still read blogs? Do you still trust the product reviews that tech blogs write about?

I came across Sarah Lacy’s post on why she thinks that tech blogs are not yet over but instead heading to the platinum age. In the post she mentioned she disagreed with a post from Jeremiah’s blog (Web Strategy) – Jeremiah thinks that the golden age of tech blogging is over.

Despite the Golden Era of Tech blogging to be over, we should expect a new format, new type of content and new pioneers to emerge, forever changing the new media and tech reporting space. I for one, look forward to it and will embrace it, both out of necessity, and with passion. – Web Strategy

But there are still plenty of people who love to write– not just share, Tweet and comment– for a living, and blogs are still the best platform for that. –

Personally, I believe tech blogs have a long way to go. I like to read tech blogs because I get to understand the perspective the writer is looking from and it helps me to discover ideas. But at the same time, I also believe that readers are looking for content faster, smaller and social. More people are turning to tumblr and I wonder if that a start for shorter contents?

So what is your take, do you think tech blogs are finish?

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