Lose weight and win money with Dietbet

After completing the Ironman race, I find it hard to find motivation to exercise as regularly as before. My bunch of crazy friends have the same problem too, we just slacked.

Bakkwa in the making!

So what happen when you start to slack in this festival season, especially with the food and drinks coming straight at you? Maybe you get a little bit tight on your belt just like me. Personally, the real threat to my weight comes during Chinese New Year. The BBQ Meat (Bakkwa/肉干) is something I cannot resist to.

And in preparation of my growing tummy, I found this very interesting startup – Dietbet started by Jamie Rosen.

DietBet makes losing weight fun. Its 4-week contests motivate players to lose 8 pounds or 4% of their starting weight by offering them a healthy dose of friendly competition. That and the lure of taking their friends’ money.

Dietbet allows me to challenge my friends to lose weight with me. The key motivation here is that monetary rewards are involved. And among my friends we get to brag who lose the most weight, in other words EGO is involve too!

It seems like gamification is moving into weight management too. In my dietbet, I invited my crazy friends to join me. There are 5 of us, each of us will be contributing $10 into a pot collected by me. The winner will take all the money in the pot and the loser (the one that lose the least weight will have to wash all our bikes 😀 )

In case you do not trust your friend with the money, Dietbet also have a paypal system to act as a medium to collect the pool of funds, but the minimum transaction is $25 and there are transaction costs.

If you have no motivation to diet or exercise, maybe you can give dietbet a try.

Dietbet from ThinkMojo on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Lose weight and win money with Dietbet

    1. Hey,

      Thanks for the comment. Saw your blog post, certainly worth a visit. Will be recommending it to my friends.
      What’s the most challenging part of your diet program now?


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