Connecting your professional world visually with Linkined Imaps

There is no doubt that social media is now part of our everyday life. Each day as I step onto the train, I see people tuck in one corner scrolling down and reading updates from their friends, it can be twitter, facebook or even blogs. Now there is even a score to measure how you influence other online – The Klout Score.

This is my professional network.

Interesting, I was thinking how each of us in connected in this web space and Thomas told me I can do it visually on Linkedin Imaps.

Imaps separates my connections on Linkined into different categories. For example, the ones in blue are connections from NUS Business School and the ones in orange are connections from NOC Shanghai. Personally, I find this feature pretty cool and fascinating. It also even gives me an insight into who are the major connections, bridges and influencers in my network. People with bigger dots and their names in larger fonts have more connections. Guess what? My buddy Darrell is one of the bigger influencers in my network. Maybe if I want to get an idea through to most of my friends, I can do it through him?

So how does your professional network looks like? And how would you make use of the cool feature from Linkedin? I would definitely love to know more ways to leverage this Imaps information 😀

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