I used pinterest and chime.in more often than facebook

Just before I went for my Ironman Triathlon, I came across two social networks that built around interests. First was chime.in than came pinterest. If you are thinking that I am writing about chime.in vs pinterest :D, I am not. In fact, there are already many blogs and sites that reviews both sites. Plus I believe both sites are very different and appeal to different audience.

In this post, I like to share my views on why I think there is a need for these kinds of niche social networks. I used facebook just like all my friends do, but I used it mainly to keep in touch with my friends and of course to “see” what that my friends are currently up to – “new promotion”, “new job” or “status change”and blah blah blah

However, facebook does not allow me to “follow” or to filter out the contents that I like to read. For example, I love reading about startup stories, so I share the stories on facebook but not all my friends are interested so they may think I am spamming their wall.

I used twitter, I followed entrepreneurs and VCs (This was how I got to know about Chime.in and Pinterest because I followed @bill_gross). Twitter is great is helping me to find new content but when it comes down to commenting it’s not that suitable. You may be spamming your friends’ timeline.

Another channel I used to find interesting content is tumblr. With the tumblr explore feature, I can find trending topics of my interest. For example, I follow users who regular post on the topic tattoo designs and startups. But commenting is not something you find on tumblr, mostly the users would just reblog on the post. There is no conversation moving around. Moreover there is no organization of the contents, my dashboard would just be filled with tattoo designs and startup news.

These are my problems.

Chime.in and pinterest helps me to solve these problems. For me, Chime.in allows me to find people of similar interest to connect. For example, I chose follow the topic on small business & entrepreneurship and I could also join communities that talks about specific topics as well. There are not many Singaporeans in the network but I am sure it will reach many Singaporean users soon just like facebook.

For pinterest, it gives me the channel to share new findings on the web with a very beautiful UI and it organized my findings according to boards. It also comes with commenting feature that encourages interaction although I think commenting is more frequent in Chime.in.  But I have to say the bookmarklet feature “pin it” certainly encourage easy sharing on the web. Most importantly it is addictive.

I very much enjoy using these 2 sites because I can connect with people of similar interests. In fact, I used it much more than facebook and twitter. Right now, both sites are in beta stage. You can sign up for Chime.in now but for pinterest you need an invite. Drop me a comment with your email if you wish to give pinterest a try, I will drop you an invite 😀

5 thoughts on “I used pinterest and chime.in more often than facebook

    1. Hi there

      I would certainly like to add you on chime.in as well. I was wondering how do you share your pictures or links on chime.in because personally I find copy & paste the picture url or links is kind of troublesome. Do you happened to know if they have any bookmarklet?


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