These are my CRAZY friends…

Today, my friends and I are leaving for a Ironman Race in Western Australia. It seems just like yesterday when I completed my first Ironman in Langkawi. Also I remember that I blog about how impulsive I was to sign up for a second ironman.

This race is very different from my first Ironman. The first Ironman I did it alone because some of my friends thought I was crazy. Much of the training that I did was alone and that was pretty boring. This time round, I have a group of crazy friends doing the race together. With my friends, training was much more fun.

These are my friends!

Waking up early in the morning, spending our weekend cycling our lungs away. Attending swim session right after work. Suddenly we became Triathlete! – You all make the suffering less! Haha:D  These are my friends, each of them race for a reason. And I wish them all the best.

Thank you Darrell

Thank you Mr. Yeo

Thank you Ah Ow

Thank you LMY

Thank you friends from Team Bundung for the Swim/Bike/Run

Most importantly, thank you Kat for organizing the training and always having support stations for us.

So the usual SOP for me before going to a race is to set my goal. My goal is:

Swim: I am looking at 1:35hrs although I am in wetsuit but I am not very comfortable with it.

Bike: During Langkawi, I did 7hrs so for IMWA I am looking at a <7hrs. A 6.30hrs ride

Run: less than 5hrs. 4:30hrs would be great!

Let’s do it, friends!

My Ironman Experience

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