My first pitch to VCs

Last week, I just did my first “FULL” pitch on Intraix to a group of investors. For people who knows me, you must be wondering “hmm, Bryan doing his first pitch?”

Unlike the usual presentations I done, at Intraix we pitch our concept to investors, mentors or even industry experts in a team. Both Darrell and I will take on a different role. Darrell will always do the opening and me doing the closing. We always knew what each of us is going to say so this makes our timing and coordination perfect.

So Intraix was fortuned to be chosen for the pitchfire session, a SiTF event where startups get to meet Jojo Flores Co-founder of Plug and Play Tech Center, Eddie Chau, CEO of Brandtology & Shirley Wong, Managing Director of BT Frontline.

This time round, we decided to go for a change (try something different). I was going to pitch for the full 5mins. As usual, preparation starts with understanding “who are your audience”. Define our problem clearly and keeping things as simple as possible. I did a few rehearsals with Darrell and things were running smooth.

So when the actual day came, I was all pumped up ready for the pitch. But when I make my first sentence, my left leg starts to tremble and I was going like “shit”. Situations got better as presentation went on. I guess I can call this as Unexpected moments? Have you ever been through this kind of situation? Things look good and smooth but while you are there it turns out different?

Looking back, the feedback was good. Pitching alone (Darrell will be doing his for Demo-Asia) is quite fun and challenging as well. if opportunity arise I would love to do it again.  I would also like to share a link that I read when I was preparing for the pitch – 10 tips pitching to VCs

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