Chat with Jerry Chen from Express In Music

If you are running a startup, have you ever consider using music or sound as your marketing tool?

Last week, I met up with Jerry Chen CEO from Express in Music. I got to know Jerry during the Angel’s Gate contest. A business guy with lots of creative ideas, his business has already gain quite a bit of press attention but he was kind to accept my interview. Here’s what he have for us.

1. Share with the readers what is

We are in the space of creating audio identities and sonic branding for businesses. Our automated platform system engages clients’ briefs conveniently and attracts a fair amount of inputs from musicians internationally.

2. How it works?

It’s a 3 step process.

First, post your music brief and our algorithm will instantly let you know the amount to pay for. In fact, you can set the prize money within the range (the higher it is, the more submissions you will attract). Second, once the music brief is uploaded successfully, this opportunity is seen by thousands of talents. Like a contest model, they will pour in customized productions specific to your brief. Third, you chose the winner and only the winner is paid the prize money. This works great for startups as well because they could control their budget.

3. How did the idea come about?

I came up with this idea one day while flipping through the newspapers. There was this guy (a singer-songwriter) who claims that only his wife appreciates his original song. Nobody else appreciates and he has no avenues to let people hear his song because the music space is too congested. This gave me an idea in which I specialize in the area of marketing and selling. These singer-songwriters have their strengths in producing great music but I don’t. However, they can leverage on my selling traits. Therefore, I thought of the idea through crowdsourcing where we can leverage on each other strengths.

4. Your team?

Adriel and I founded We were army buddies. Adriel has been a musician himself (with a band called “SuperNova”) for close to 10 years. He knows the technical aspects when it comes to music while I am more focus in the area of business development as I was in numerous entrepreneurship competitions during my Singapore Polytechnic days. Time flies and we have been business partners for 3 years.

5. Highs and lows so far with + toughest decision you have to make so far

The highs were definitely clinching our first TV Commercial job (music), our first article release on The Straits Times, our first major contract that was in the region of 5-digits.

The lows were when a group of musicians on the verge of clinching the job were dropped last minute by the client, paying web programmers (multiple) and not getting our site done even after months… It was quite a mess.

6. What would you say is the next big thing?

I would say social media is the current “in” thing. Crowd-sourcing is already present and shall be the next ‘big’ thing, that people begin to understand the power of the crowd. Why go to one person or vendor when you can get a wider variety of choice in a single platform?

Also to look out for is on ‘Sensory Marketing’. We all have our 5 senses but traditionally we focus on visual communications. It is time for the rise of audio branding. There’s more awareness now for how audio identities can bring in part of the experiential marketing aspect.

Thanks Jerry for your time and all the best.

So if your startup is considering a marketing campaign soon – do check out or connect with Jerry. p/s I am NOT getting any referral fees.

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