The hottest place for Startups in Singapore – Get Plug-in@Blk71

reason #1 why you should incubate at block 71Together with my partner Darrell, we ran a startup Intraix that is currently incubating at Blk71 aka Plug-In@Blk71. Picture on the left highlights the #1 reason you should too incubate at Blk71

So what is Blk71  all about? 

Blk71 is building up an eco-system where startups meet, match and connect. With reference to Brenden Mulligan’s article on techcruchBlk71 is in fact building an Startup Hub and as a fellow entrepreneur this is certainly something I like to see happening in Singapore

…There are probably a lot more entrepreneurs around you than you think, and getting everyone together is one way to understand the size of your community… – Brenden Mulligan

I am not writing this post to ingratiate Blk71 because they are incubating us. But I am writing to spread the word and resources that startups can tap on in Singapore and I would definitely love to see more entrepreneurs gather together, bouncing ideas. “remember I am incubate here too. I can be selfish and not share about the existent of these resources, but why should I 😀

Free hot-desking space available @blk71

So what are the other reasons beside food(#1) that you should come Blk71.

#2. You get to meet well-known VCs and incubators. Incubators like JFDI Asia, Plug and Play Singapore, Small World GroupSingTel Innov8… etc are all located at Blk71 – who knows your startup might get notice and get funded!

#3. Various networking and Startup events. For example, Intraix had the opportunity to network with Japanese startups, it was a great experience understanding their startup culture. Events such as Barcamp, Startup Weekend, Startup Bootcamp and even audition for Demo Asia are held at Blk71.

So if you are running a startup or thinking of startup up. Come Plug-In@Blk71

Find out more from the Blk71 crew – the beautiful (Peck Ying) or the handsome (Agustiadi). Blk71 is managed by NUS  and supported by MDA in collaboration with SingTel Innov8.

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