Guest Post: Nobody said startup is easy – Jacky

Jacky’s startup (currently in alpha stage)
Nobody said startup is easy. This is especially true, and especially for someone like me who is still studying.

A little about myself, I am currently running a startup with 2 friends, one of them also in his final year, and another one is working full time with a web consultancy firm right now. I am also a final year student in NUS running Nhouse, Singapore first entrepreneurial themed residence, and I’m also writing for a media company.

To run a startup, one must be committed to it. Some people said that the hardest part for a startup is to get started. Ideas are worth nothing and ultimately it is the execution that matters. Some argued that getting started is easy, but it is keeping the momentum going that is the hardest, because when a startup kicked off and reaches a peak, and then reaches a plateau stage, many would be discouraged and some might kill the project. Don’t be discouraged, because many a times, success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

Whether the getting started part of the keeping the momentum going part is harder, for me, I think generally a startup journey is a difficult one, especially when you run it while juggling work and study. My typical day would be to check my general email address, and then work email, and then focus on marketing and business development for my startup, and then do my tutorials & assignment, and if I got time for study, I would squeeze some time for it.

It is challenging. It is not easy. But everyday is fulfilling.

One tradeoff however is that, you lose your social life. I wrote in a few of my blogpost the quote from Founder of Beeconomics (now Groupon Sg) where he mentioned during the 13th S@S Launch that if you want to be a startup founder, you have to be prepared to lose your social life. You have to focus on what you need to focus and selectively dedicated time to things that matters. If you have read the biography of Steve Jobs, he too has mastered the skill of shutting down unnecessary distractions and focusing on things that are important. “’Your Time Is Limited, So Don’t Waste It Living Someone Else’s Life’” – Steve Jobs (2005 Stanford Commencement Address). Your friends will be under the assumption that you are busy and slowly you realized that you are losing touch with them, and you have to put in extra effort and initiative to connect with them.

However, as mentioned, many a times, success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. The fun and satisfaction from running a startup is greatly rewarding. You build something from scratch, you make an impact on someone else’s life, you grow something that belongs to you, and you have the say on how you want it done. The satisfaction derived is something that normal corporate jobs could not offer.

If you have what it takes and really want to startup, please be encouraged to do so, but the journey is not easy. If you think entrepreneurship is cool and that is the reason you want to startup, its not sexy, think twice again, because, nobody said startup is easy.

“juggling studies and starting up is certainly not an easy task” I like to thank Jacky for his time on this guest post. He runs a tech blog at []. Also begin a regular figure in Singapore startup space – connect with him on twitter @jackyyapp to make connections 😀

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