wordpress.com still blocked in China!

Just came back from a 2 weeks’ trip to China, the startup culture is certainly growing fast in China especially Beijing. I was not able to blog my experience over there because wordpress.com was still blocked. It was blocked in 2008 when I was there for NOC and it still is.

“Self-hosted wordpress blog did not face any blocking issues, when I was there”

Alternatively, there are still ways to blog through wordpress.com. One, you can get a VPN – this way you can access facebook and twitter as well but it will cost you, unless you are in China for a long period of time otherwise try looking for free VPN tunnel. Two, you can simply make use of wordpress.com – Post by Email service like I did for this post.

I would also like to share with you guys some internet services that I faced problems/blocked while I was there.

  • Gmail – It was laggy and I had to keep reloading.
  • Flickr – it’s doing fine
  • Youtube – chose “优酷
  • Evernote – is good too even there is a clone for it (麦库记事)
  • Dropbox – is syncing well too BUT if someone sends you a download link it will be blocked. And Yes! there is a clone for it too. (酷盘
  • Facebook & Twitter – as everybody knows, it is blocked. and there are always clones available (人人) & (微博
  • Skype – is horrible!, it was great in the past…:(

So as people says, when in “China” do what the chinese do! I got myself a QQ account. The IM service from QQ is great, video chat is also much smoother than Skype (Singapore-China), transfer of files are very fast as well. And to keep track of the latest tech stuffs in town, I got myself a weibo. Following Tech2ipo & web20share as a start. 🙂 Here is a site that will be useful if you want to see if that any particular site is block in China. (http://greatfirewallofchina.org/)


16 thoughts on “wordpress.com still blocked in China!

  1. I bought a domain name and my site still isn’t visible in China. I’m moving to Guangzhou on the 3rd so I guess I’ll just buy and setup a VPN before I go. Curse you, Great Firewall of China!!!!!!

  2. Glad to see this blog, I haven’t been able to log in since early October, and I was starting to think it was just me :S

    It appears though that it is just WordPress.com, I can get to WordPress.org with no problems so the platform should work. Also, I have been here since May, and did not have any problems until this month, so I’m still hopeful it’s temporary . . .

    1. Hi Ash

      Thanks for the comment.

      If it is possible do let me know if the situation improves. I am not in China now but I am planning to switch to wordpress.org but if china blocks wordpress.org than I may not be switching.

      Thank you so much.


  3. I didn’t use a VPN and did not purchase my domain name but was still able to access my wordpress blog in china. I lived in Beijing in 2011 and outside of my access to the site being very slow everything worked well. I was able to update my blog almost daily.

    1. Hi Jared,

      ohhh that’s interesting to know 😀
      Thank for the update , I will be heading down to Shanghai this April. It would be great if I can blog straight with a VPN 😀


    1. Hi there

      I’m not sure if it is lifted because I wrote about the post last Oct 2011 😀

      Maybe it has been lifted? Are you located in China or visiting china often?


  4. Reblogged this on *_* Yanr for ease 小 憩 *_* and commented:
    I am considering upgrading my wordpress, however this fact holds me back: Even upgrading or buying domains won’t change the fact that Our Great Fire Wall blocks wordpress. How can I keep my friends in China updated? Switching to Sina?纠结~~~

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