Venturing into #startuplife? Read this first.

What if #entrepreneurship is #bullshitBefore anyone takes the plunge into the startup space. There are many considerations involved. I am not going to post why I do a startup here.

There already many articles and blog posts written about individual decisions in venturing into startups.

1. Jacky Yap – Undergraduate’s POV

2. Vanessa Tan – To study or not?

3. A presentation by Dave McClure “Why not to do Startup” – A VC POV

I would also like to share this book that I read – The Illusions of Entrepreneurship by Scott A. Shane. This book is written in the context of Silicon Valley, however I believe there are some points that we can surely learn from an Asian context. It will certainly help you to save some money and time.

Here is a link to Singapore Public Library to loan the book for free. if you are into #startups “Welcome to the space of unknown!”

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