Spreading the love of Startups

Usual stopSometimes matters in life come to a standstill. You are at a lost of what to do and  you just need a little push before you get pass the wall.

The same goes for cycling, I ride hard and fast but sometimes it feels so heavy and the bike just would not move. So what I did was to stop. Rest. Think about the positive and slowly get back into action. Plus there are always encouraging friends supporting me.

Since I am back into startup , I was thinking maybe I could be blogging about how fellow entrepreneurs are running their startups, what are the difficulties they faced how they overcome..etc I believe this kind of posts will allow me to learn from them and motivate me to push on further. I hope it will do the same for you.

"angmo" meaning English

But importantly, I hope through blogging I could further improve my writing ability:) Maybe I should start with my contacts from NUS NOC

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