Where can you get free startup mentorship?


Since I started my startup journey, there are so things buzzing each day. One thing is for sure the support for entrepreneurship in Singapore is certainly rising. Beside the funds that are available for startups (Spring, iJam), there is now also mentorship opportunities available from experienced entrepreneur even you are not funded. In the past, having an business mentor was only available to a startup when you are funded.

But through E27 – the sort of like “techcrunch” of Singapore (sometimes even better coz of free stuffs) I had the opportunity to register for the Startup mentorship with Vinnie Lauria. Sometimes when you are too in love with your product, you need someone from a different perspective to pull you back into the world of reality.

A brief intro to Vinnie.

Vinnie lives in San Francisco, CA and co-founded Lefora Forum Hosting, Lefora was later acquired by CrowdGather in the summer of 2010 with over 100,000 communities on the service in less than 3 years. He also started and organizes the 6,500+ member Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup, which is  a monthly forum for hot startups to present their technology. Currently Vinnie is also a mentor for the Founder Institute, which is a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch great technology companies around the globe.

Met Vinnie on 19 Sep 2011, together with my partner zyy. Spent the first few minutes introducing ourselves than it was straight into mentorship. We gave a short presentation to Vinnie and with vast experiences in helping out startups, he was very quick to pick out the issues that we might faced during execution. Also begin a frequent traveller, he was able to share his experience on how our product could possibly work in other parts of the world.

3 advises that he gave to Intraix

  • Do not build your product just for early adopters, think for the mass
  • Do not be pin down by your business model
  • Brainstorm through the engagement methods, you like to have for your users.

Here I like to thank Vinnie for his inputs, and it will certainly help us to reduce the amount of pitfalls we will face.

p/s I would like to give credits to Jacky. In fact I got to know about the mentorship program first from Jacky’s blog. He is an upmost entrepreneurial guy and currently writes for e27

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