John Paul DeJoria – A classic American success entrepreneur

What to do on a relaxing Sunday?

You could slack on a couch and watch TV programmes or

You could get a good book from the library and learn something new.

These are typically what I do on a relaxing Sunday, but what if there are no good TV programmes and I was too lazy to read. Well when all things fail, seek help from YouTube.

Here is a great video I found online that I would like to share with everyone. I always enjoy rags-to-riches story and I am sure you will as well. Especially when you can learn at the same time.

The video goes about an hour but I believe you will learn much from it and be motivated by the speaker – John Paul DeJoria

Some bio about the founder – John Paul DeJoria has arguably achieved every entrepreneur’s dream, parlaying a $700 startup, Paul Mitchell Systems, into a $900 million-a-year hair care heavyweight.

Two key highlights in the video

  1. Be prepared for rejections 
  2. Always produce quality products

One thought on “John Paul DeJoria – A classic American success entrepreneur

  1. nice video, my hobbies are also same as that of your hobbies, i have starting my own business, with my income , i love to help the students who are financial weak, try to solve the problems and providing proper solutions.

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