Gamification Singapore and You are wanted!


Recently my dear friend joel adds me into their new found page Gamification Singapore. I saw the word #gamification trending on twitter but do not really understand what was it about.

So what is gamification? well according to wiki

Gamification is the use of game play thinking[1] and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences. Typically gamification applies to non-game applications (also known as “funware“),[2] particularly consumer-oriented web and mobile sites, in order to encourage people to adopt the applications.

And how did  Gamification Singapore come about? There have been a lot of talk about Gamification in US/Europe. More recently, the first workshop on “gamification” was convened in CHI 2011. With the growing of internet startups in Singapore together with the push from the government (Not only that there are funds that encourage entrepreneurship, there are also more TV programs on entrepreneurship nowadays for example: growing big ideas) Joel and his friends believes that gamification could be another innovation area that Singapore startups could move into. Hence, the plans for forming a Gamification Singapore community started motion in August 2011.

In fact, when Joel told told me about this I was very excited, but the first question I ask him was – do you need to be a coder to join this group? No coding required he said, anyone can join coders & non-coders, this way ideas are explore and maybe new ventures could be form.

So Gamification Singapore’s BIG Goal is to eventually make Singapore into a more fun and enjoyable place to live in. They are looking to gather like-minded people to join them in meetups/discussion. You may be someone who:
– wants to share your knowledge of game mechanics etc
– have experience applying gamification/game design into your scope of work
– wants to share your creation story, or gather feedback about a certain product/service involving gamification
– researches about Game Design/Gamification/Serious Games
– wants to learn more about Gamification/Game Design
– or simply just anybody who wants to know more and meetup with more people! (like here)

And my friends if you are looking to explore into a new area of startups beside the current trend of LBS, this may be a new direction you could be exploring. In fact, my new found venture has just been added with a touch of gaming with the help of Joel and his friends.

The first official meetup is scheduled to be in November 2011

twitter allows me to seek info from experts around the world

As I explored into deeper into #gamification. I happend to find Amy. She is is an internationally recognized expert in online social architecture. She
has designed social architecture for Electronic Arts/Maxis/Origin, Digital Chocolate, MTV/Harmonix, eBay,, Yahoo!, and others. 
 She gave a talk at Smart Gamification GDC2011 this year and I got her presentations that I like to share with everyone 🙂

Smart Gamification GDC2011

View more presentations from Amy Kim

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