NTU Master of Science in Technopreneurship (Chinese) – A view from the EAST


Last week, I was very fortunate to attend the business plan presentation from the students of NTU Master of Science in Technopreneurship & Innovation Program (Chinese) – 创业与创新硕士课程. It has similarities with the program that I attended – The NUS Overseas Colleges. During the presentation, I had the memories of the time when I was in Fudan University doing the module New Venture Creation. Dr Virginia Cha taught us that module, we had very interesting insights and business plans presented as well. Come to think of it maybe I could start posting up the business ideas of my fellow school-mate back than?


Well back to NTU’s program, 5 teams were created. Each have 20mins of presentation time and after-which it was Q&A for the judges. There were 12 judges ranging from Entrepreneurs to Venture Capitalist. I saw Dr. Jeffrey Chi a VC, he gave SHEN a talk on pitching to VC in Shanghai.

Each judge was given 3 cards

1. forget about it 算了吧

2. Need to touch up 需要磨练

3. I’m will to invest 我会投资

During the judging, the highest amount of 我会投资 wins the presentation!

All 5 teams were very creativity and in fact some of them had already started to venture out on their own. For example, in one of the team the CEO owns 5 hotpot restaurants in Chengdu!


The lady standing on the stage represents a group that deals with lifestyle sector. She presented with passion and in style. she brings her experience in the lifestyle industry into web2.0. In the end She gained 9 cards of “我会投资”.

I like to thank Yinglan –  Best-Selling Author for Chinnovation: How Chinese Innovators are Changing the World. for giving us the opportunity to watch the presentation. It was very rewarding and I learn a lot from fellow entrepreneurs and the current trend in China. Internet startups is sure going to be big in China!

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