Kindle Screen frozen and you are in Singapore, How?

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26 July 2011, you (kindle 3) arrived into my world. I was anxiously waiting for your arrival since I place my order.

I chose you (kindle 3) over nook, over sony and other ebook readers because of the positive review online. I chose the Kindle with ads because the ads only appeared on the home screen and during the screensaver mode so it certainly does not affect my time with you.

When you arrived, I load you up with various ebooks I have on hand. I enjoyed my time with you. With you around, I put physical books away,

You were light,
You were easy to handle,
You were not a strain to my eyes unlike Ipad,
You have good selection of books from your host (Amazon)

* The only bad thing was kindle allow massive storage of ebooks so sometimes I may lose focus so end up reading a bit of here and there but still I was glued to you.

I felt my S$160 spent on you including shipping from borderlink certainly worth everything, I was proud to show (kindle 3) to everyone, spread the love for ebooks.

 My #kindle froze and it never came back!

But 2 days ago, You (Kindle 3) just went off! You stay at your screensaver and not responding to any instructions that I gave you. It’s barley a month and this is how you repay me for the positive words I put up for you. Amazon Kindle 3 “You let me down!”

When you went frost, I was lost. I googled about you begin frozen.
And I was surprised by the problem that you had before and till now it’s still not solved.

You gave me the following instructions to perform the hard reset but it did not work.

I talk to your customer service officer – he was very kind. He offered to make a 1 to 1 change but the kindle will not be shipped to Singapore straight. Instead it will only be shipped to the US address. 😦

Well looks like I have to incurred extra cost to bring you back to myside, but what if it happens again? Because there are customers who had 2 to 3 times of change with you (Kindle 3).

So for people living in SIngapore, do take this common issue of frozen kindle page into consideration while buying an ebook.

7 thoughts on “Kindle Screen frozen and you are in Singapore, How?

  1. what the hell man, i have exactly the same problem. how did you ship it from the states to singapore? super stupid la. i sooooo regret buying the kindle because of this.

    1. oh From states to SG, I use borderlinx.

      But I like to share that I spoke the customer officer from Amazon. They gave me 2 options.

      1. Get a free replacement or
      2. Get a Refund

      I chose option 2. I send back the kindle using Singpost with tracking and it cost me $$22.45 but the good thing is that Amazon will pay you back the shipping fees.

      Best of luck… maybe ipad is calling me 🙂

  2. Oh, sorry to hear about your kindle woes. I have a newly bought kindle keyboard so this is disconcerting.
    Don’t let your love of the written word fade.

    Read on.

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