KTM Resort in Batam | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Batam KTM Resort – A nice and budget get away for 2D1N

Last Friday, I took leave and venture to Batam. I brought the package from Batam Spa Villa, 2D1N. Did not took up the city tour as I find it too much of a tourist trap.

Well I have to say at S$140, the package isn’t too bad after despite hearing poor reviews from friends especially for their food.

View from my room. They stated ocean view :p but it’s not too bad to wake up with this kind of view greeting you. And I went on Friday so it was less crowded as well.

Room was not too bad. Good enough for 2, but the bed sheet was a bit dirty thou. Comes with common facilities, aircon, water-heater, tv and most importantly wireless in the room.

Spa venue was great facing the “ocean” and look across carefully you can see Singapore. It was a 90mins spa with foot bath, hot tub and massage.

Hot tub near the sea view, sometimes you get to see boatman passes by too. You will start to wonder what they will be thinking when they are out working hard fishing while you sits comfortably in a hot tub…

Food is alright, not as bad as my friends mention. In fact I personally find it quite tasty.

Basically when you buy the package, you do not need to bring much money or change too much indo coz you won’t spend too much. In the package, you get a complimentary lunch and the next day breakfast. Maybe s$30 would be good enough. I changed S$50 and I used only $25 for dinner and snacks.

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