I was shocked when I received my Dental Bill!

Dental Bill, originally uploaded by Gniskcut.

How much would you pay for your dental bill? Just 3 hours ago, I paid 435.45 for my dental check up!

I am not sure about you but for me it was a great shock. Than again who do I have to blame, only myself because I did not take care of my teeth. I had 5 decays. What have I learn from this?

1. Always take care of your pearly white and your health!

2. It is profitable to be a dental – great career

3. Health care is expensive in Singapore

4. Never delay your dental visits!

5. Always look for alternative and do research before you go – http://www.nhgp.com.sg/ourservices_listbycategories.aspx

6. Very important – Always ask for price 1st

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