It’s not easy to manage a blogshop


As you would have known, a couple of my friends set up a blogshop – Well except for the sales were made during the flea market there is no sales till now.

Competition was tough at the flea market but it’s even tougher online. Why would someone visit a site and make a purchase with an unknown site.

So I like to share my experience with everyone and at the same time to learn from anyone who drops a comment on how should I continue on or what are the things I should do. It acts as a learning channel for me as well.

It’s not easy to set up an blogshop. It’s not just getting an blogging platform an starts logging in your entries with photos you taken. We had to go through the brainstorming of names, product selections, pricing strategies and etc just like a full pledge business.

Some people give up after some months of trying, those who innovate succeed – those blogshop owners I truly respect, they have made blogshops very successful. A few good examples will are:

Do I follow their style or I try to create my own? And The question now is how do I turn this blogshop around? And with the usual constrain like low marketing budget and all… I would love to hear feedback from fellow friends.

3 thoughts on “It’s not easy to manage a blogshop

  1. front page is the most important

    1) your title is too huge. customers have to make extra effort just to scroll down to see your products. if you observe all the other blogshops, most of them have their products/products decorated banners straight in the customers’ face

    2) grey background is boring – try pink, beige, girls orientated colours

    3) why are your tabs in green and so minute?!?!

    4) make your product pictures super huge

    5) model should stand in front of a plain background so that your product becomes more outstanding instead of weird colour contrast against the surrounding

    ….consult a girl friend who has good aesthetic sense

    1. Hi there

      Totally hit the right spot. I suck at design.

      After reading your comments, I start asking around for my girl friends review. all said I sucked!

      Will go think through with some friends. Thank you so much.

      Keep you posted and looking forward in future opinions

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