Save your butt with ISM Adamo racing saddle

This year end I will be heading down to western Australia for an Ironman race. I have heard from many who came back from the race taking about flat road and strong head wind, so this time round I decided to put on aero bars on my trusty Java (name of my road bike).

Having Aerobar on a road bike mean changes to your riding position and that maybe not be efficient because roadies are meant for roadies position rather than Tri. I also thought of changing to a Tri bike as well but that’s another story all together.


From the picture above, you could easy see the significant patented design of Adamo seats. The cut open area at the front of seat protects your “brotherhood” especially for prolong riding.

I ha a good experience with the Adamo racing model. The front part of the seat is quite broad, it rubs a bit on the tights but this i just a a matter of getting use too.

I had a hard time while choosing between Adamo racing or Adamo road.
Since most of the time in Singapore, I do group ride would a Adamo road be better. If you read the spec on Adamo road it is more recommended for upright siting posture. Another different is it is slightly boarder at the front of the seat and not to mention it ha more cushion.

Based on online research I took a bet on Adamo race. And it is not a wrong choice. On a road riding position on Adamo race – No Problem. It feels just as comfortable. Moreover if I had chosen Adamo road, maybe it would create more friction on the tights as the front of the seat is boarder.

Having be using Adamo racing for 2 weeks now. Feeling is good. “brotherhood” is comfortable. I got my saddle from eBay. You can easily find 2nd ones there too but I got a new one from sell bike smiths. After the exchange rate it cost about sgd192. I waited almost 2 weeks. For those in a rush you can try bike boutique Singapore as well.

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