Selling in Singapore flea market – 5 mistakes to note


Yesterday, I completed one of my new year resolution  and that was to something about retailing. So I had my first flea market set up at Scape Park with

I did not make a profit but I gain valuable experiences and I certainly would want to do it again. We walk around and visited the various flea stalls that were gathering with crowds and came up with some pointers that we were lacking.

  1. Location, Location and Location – This is very very important. Because for the scape park flea market that we had rented the stall we were told to choose any tables under the selected tent. Even that we were told to arrived at 12pm to register, there were already other blogshop owners that were already there “chomping” the best table avalibale – the table sits where the main stream of traffic passes through and you need to take note that lights and fan should be located above the table. The light will help as the sky turns dark and the fan will make sure you and your customers feels cool
  2. More selections of clothes – We were given the option to bring a 1m clothes rack but because we have limited selections we only hang up what we have on hand. On the other hand, other vendors pack their clothes rack like sardine. This gives the customers more choices and because of the wide variety it was able to attract more passersby to give it a look
  3. Flyers – Besides acting as a promotion material, it can also act as a tool to initiates your first conversation with the customer. For example. Hi, this is our site listed on this flyer do visit our online store for more selections. And also here is the section for tops, the one on sales are over at the tables. And these range are going at $10 per piece.
  4. Beautify your table – We also have a 3m by 3m table that we used to place some of our products but we did not fully utilize and beautify the table. It was rather dull compared to the rest of the vendors.
  5. KYCW (know your customer WELL)- At the flea market, its about about price competition. We were planning various pricing strategies but it did not hold. When we were there even there were customers browsing through our clothes we were to compete on price. So the next thing we did was to lower of prices. And what next was making our first sale.


So people if you are planning to starts your first flea market, let my mistakes be your guidance and I wish you people all the best. And for those who are in marketing (NUS BBA) do try your selling skills in a flea market you meet all sorts of people.

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