I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall

05 June 2011. Today I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall. And I would like to share my experience just so if future Singapore CFA candidates can be more prepared for the exam.

Here is a checklist on what to bring.

  1. Notes – just need to bring your own notes or the CFA Secret Sauce. Avoid bringing the textbooks (Do not laugh, because I thought I was dreaming what I saw a fellow candidate pulling out his textbooks from his bag) because you would have time to read during the break. The only time I could think of revising is during your journey to Expo Hall and maybe 10~20min during the lunch break.
  2. A Jacket – It’s is freaking cold in the Expo Hall especially if you are doing nothing except for using your brain. Plus if you keep yourself warm you will also feel comfortable too. This will also help you think better.  (Thanks to my study buddy who reminder to bring a jacket the night before. Thanks EZ)
  3. HB Pencils – I brought 4B pencils (What a joke!) but just in case you know. There is a set of instructions that mentioned because the paper is mark by a scanning machine and if you happened NOT to use a HB Pencils. The scanning machine may not read the shaded oval correctly. I had not choice since I only had 4B pencils. All other stationery will be left outside. You just need HB Pencils, Calculator and Eraser.  (Sweets is allow too)
  4. Lunch – Very important because there are many fellow candidates taking the exam too so it would be very crowded (there are also fairs and conventions around so you will be fighting with the public crowd as well). Plus you only have an hour of break. The morning session starts at 9am to 12pm. Than you will be release at about 1210pm, Note* you need to start reporting back at 1pm for the afternoon session. So it is better to bring your own lunch. Something that will gives you energy and motivation. 🙂
  5. Watch – but there were clocks every where and every half and hour there will be announcement

That’s all the things I brought today and my experience. and oh. Going to toilet is not an easy task with so many people around so take a bit of exercise go up level 2 of the Expo. Less people and cleaner too 🙂

Update: I added links for past CFA materials to allow easy reference 😀 Good luck to all.

Update 2. All files removed – sorry guys

Got served the following


So good luck to all taking the exams 😀

167 thoughts on “I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall

  1. Hi there, I chanced upon your blog while researching in CFA level 1 examinations. I was hoping that you could give me more information about CFA from a student perspective.

    I am considering taking up the Dec2011 CFA level 1 exam, however seeing as how it is already August as of tomorrow, I am left with 3 months to study. Do you think it is possible to self-study the entire level 1 syllabus (vol 1-6) in 3 months? Considering the fact that I am an undergraduate who is graduating this december & only taking 2 modules, which leaves me 3 free days in a week?

    Thank you! Have a nice day.

    1. Hi there,

      I am not a finance student, so I took around 6 months to truly prepare for CFA Level 1. However if you are a finance student I believe you could easily half the time, I have friends who did it in 2 months during their year in scholl but I have to say that they are smarter and they have real solid foundation in finance.

      But it does not mean that you cannot do it because as long as you put your hard to it, I think you can do it.

      1. hi, I am a marketing student who wanna prepare for CFA Level 1 exam this June,2014. Is that possible that i can pass since i don’t have too much finance background and I am also working currently. Is there any tips you can share.

      2. Yes, you can.
        I’m a business school graduate in marketing too.
        but we just need more time.
        During “study week”, I took more time with the test questions.

  2. Hi, nice info on your blog.
    i will have my first CFA exam in Singapore this december.
    Did the exam always held at the Singapore Expo?
    I’m not a Singaporean, so i really need info about the exam location.
    Thank a bunch,LTS

  3. Thanks so much! I am a communication student, so perhaps it’ll be better for me to take the exam in June 2012 instead. You gave great advice 🙂

  4. Hi Lee.

    I’m Jon from the Philippines. I came across your blog when I was google-ing for cfa level 1 stuff hahaha. I also took the exam last june.
    So how was it? Were you able to pass?

    1. Hi there 🙂

      Yeap, I passed

      It was alright, I believe with much practice everyone can pass.

      Btw if you need materials for CFA Level One try dollarsing.blogspot.com

  5. Greetings…

    Wahh you’re really gave a lot of useful information. Did you take any course or you just study by yourself?
    I should take my exam in this coming Dec, but truly I’m not ready. I’m only finished read 1 book because I was so busy with my works. Do we really have to read all the books?
    My background is accounting. Is there any chance I can pass CFA with only 1 month left since I’m now also busy with my wedding preparation? So sad le….really…
    Thank you so much

      1. Hi Bryan,

        Hahahaa..but I read the books and mostly there is no relation with accounting. I’m trying to read the last book about derivatives and it feels like : Goshhhh, I read this thing only when I was in my undergraduate…..11 years ago..all can’t remember at all.

        You’re an entrepreneur? I’m taking this CFa because i’m thinking to switch job into the finance sector….but actually I prefer accounting. I like accounting.

        Anyway, thanks for the link. I thought we have to pay to take a mock exam? (Which I paid and I’ll have it tomorrow but haven’t study at all 😦 )

        Do we need also to take the sample exam in the CFA link?

        Thanks and regards

      2. Hi,

        I have some samples with me. Let me try to find (in my harddrive somewhere)

        I can send it to you.

        Having lots of practices is good!

        Cheers Bryan

        Sent from my iPhone

      1. Dear Bryan,
        Great stumbling into yr wonderful blog 🙂
        Anyways, is the area secluded for holding up our valuables since it’s like outside of expo hall. Was thinking whether to actually bring the phone along since it’s not allowed into the exam hall. Taking it this upcoming Jun!

        Congrats on clearing btw! Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers~


      2. There are some reps helping us to watch the stuff but they did mention “no guarantee” that it’s 100% safe 😀

  6. Hello,

    I am planning to give CFA exam in june 2012.I am working so could you please tell me how many hours if i devote I will be able to clear level 1 exam?

    1. Hi there,

      Well, personally I give quite a bit to time for CFA level1, simply because I was doing marketing during my studies. it’s hard for me to tell you how much time you should spent so that you can clear level 1. but I can share with you my experience. During work week, I spent 2 days, each day 3 hours after work. On the weekend, I dedicate both days to do up mock exams. On the other hand, I have friends who study just 1 month before the exam and he did it everyday after work 2 hours each day.

      Let me know if you need some sample exams. I can send it to you

      Cheers and good luck 😀

  7. Hello. Thanks for the good work.
    Please can you help me with access to sample questions or the question bank for Level 2 CFA if you have it.
    Hope to hear from you soonest.

  8. Hello Bryan,

    Thanks for the link.

    I am taking Level 2 this June. I used a lot of practice questions for my Level 1 and it helped a great deal. Infact, I took well over 1,500 practice questions. It pretty much made me familiar with the basic concept of the curriculum. I am looking to replicate the same strategy this time around. However, I have not been able to see a sizeable pull of questions to keep me up to speed.

    I am not sure that you have deployed my strategy or maybe it is not appropriate for this level. I will appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks once again

    1. HI

      I do the same thing as you. I just keep doing the sample questions. I think this is a great way!

      Good luck for both of us this time round, and if I find more questions online. I will share with you by email 😀

      Keep in touch.


  9. Hi Bryan,
    I’m planning to take CFA level 1 this coming June, and I’m planning to enroll in 7 city today so that i can get materials for the review. Do you think i can get my own reviewer instead of enrolling to this review center? Because its quite expensive but if this is the only way, I am willing to enroll. Would you be able to give me some advice ?

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi Baby,

      Just like to get your question correct, you are planning to enroll into a CFA teaching program with 7 City learning so that you can have the CFA reading materials? or you are planning to join 7 city because they offer a teaching program?

      Personally, I did not take up any 3rd party service provider to prepare for my CFA Level 1. I believe it is possible to pass CFA Level 1 based on self study. if you are working, it will be a bit more tough but stil it is possible with proper time management.

      If you are just looking for materials, here is a link to CFA level 1 materials http://dollarsing.blogspot.com/ . When login in look for CFA Level 1 on left of the sidebar. I used these materials when I took the CFA Level 1 exam last year.


  10. Hello Bryan,

    Please do you have the 2012 materials yet. I understand that it is best to study with the latest materials as content can change materially over time.

  11. Hi Byran,

    I really appreciate you taking some time to help those who are taking their CFA exams.

    I am a Level 1 candidate for June 2012. I read your replies and you suggested sending exam materials to those who requested for it.

    Would it be possible that you email me your study materials?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Hi Byran,

        Thanks for the quick reply. I received your documents.

        Best of luck for the rest of the exams!!

      2. Dear Bryan,

        Hi, I have read your blog with great interest. Thank you for posting your experiences with the CFA and for providing advice. I am a recent graduate and I want to study for the CFA level 1 in December (hopefully that would give me enough time, as I have no prior finance knowledge). Is it possible for you to email me some exam material to help me prepare? thanks alot.

        Best wishes,


  12. Hi Bryan,

    I chanced upon your blog while googling for CFA Level 1 and I think you’re really very helpful in answering every single comment on your blog! Do you mind if you send me some of the sample papers you have? Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Brian,

    I had searched a lot of information about CFA and I found that your website is such useful. I’m going to take CFA level 1 for Dec 2012. Do you mind sending me your sample papers as I really need them? Thank you very much

  14. Thanks a lot for sending me some helpful materials!

    Anyway, how can I register for the CFA exams? I had alrdy created an account for this website http://www.cfainstitute.org but I still don’t know how to pay for the fee. I’m an international student and I’m studying in Singapore. I would like to take this exam in Singapore. Can you show me how to register?


  15. Hi Bryan,

    I am level 1 candidate for Dec 2012. I have read all comment on your blog and website, you really helpful.

    Do you mind to send me those materials and sample questions for preparing exam?

    Thank you so much.

  16. Hi Bryan,
    Do you mind enlightening me on how to go about pursuing this CFA? By that I actually mean whether are there any prerequisites (e.g. I must be a degree holder?) or other requirements (non-academic related), that I have to meet before I can apply for the CFA?

    Would greatly appreciate your advice! Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

    1. Hi Curious,

      There are certain requirements for CFA Level 1. I got the info from here 😀

      But just in case, I paste it here as well.
      Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree
      – or be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration

      – or have four years of professional work experience (does not have to be investment related)

      – or have a combination of professional work and college experience that totals at least four years. Part-time positions do not qualify, and the four-year total must be accrued prior to enrollment.

      Cheers and Good Luck

  17. Hello, Bryan Lee,

    i am planing to take level 1 December 12, i had previously done MBA-Finance, graduate in commerce, presently working in Banking sector, i have good background in Accounting and Finance, what do you recommend about me, what will be the difficulty level for CFA for me, second please tell me about CFA experience requirement, will my 3.6 year banking experience will be valued in this regards,

    i have not yet registered, and not got any martial for reading, i have searched a lot on net be didn’t get any considerable martial, can u provide me any martial to start preparation,
    can u post links or please E-mail materials.


    1. Hi Kaleem,

      I think with your experience CFA should not be a problem for you 😀 (I believe you will do fine for level 1)
      It is always good to value add yourself with a CFA especially if you are in the banking sector 😀

      I added a link for the CFA Level 1 materials – http://minus.com/mbo9heQUmO

      Cheers and Good Luck

  18. Hi Bryan,

    I come across your blog, it is very informative and need a friend for consultation…. I dont know if you can help me….well, first thing, my background in property but last time I have once doing in finance and analysis. I am thinking to switching my career and quite confuse if CFA can help me to be the foundation for switching career to finance industry. as my experience is more to property finance and business development.

    I would like to take it but seems the fee quite expensive and I dont want to waste money if I cant do anything with the CFA for my career

    What do you think?

    1. HI Charles,

      CFA would certainly benefit your career switch back to the finance industry.

      There is no doubt that CFA exams are expensive but I think most importantly it is time consuming. If you are able to find time to study for CFA while working I think it would be best to take up CFA.

      Plus it also adds value to you if you continue to stay in the property industry. So my question to you is “Do you have the time”

      If you need notes or CFA sample materials -just drop me a note 😀


      1. HI Bryan,

        Im interested in CFA as well. Can you share more with me? Like, how is the exam (MCQs? or written?) For registration wise, how do i go about it and where can i apply? Can you share some CFA sample materials with me too? Do you self study or attend class? It is possible to self study? Hear from you soon.

        My email: xiaoyi.winter@gmail.com

        Many thanks! 🙂

  19. Excellent blog here! Additionally your web site lots up fast! What host are you the use of? Can I get your associate hyperlink for your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol.

    1. Thank you for the comments 😀

      I am not using any specific host for my blog, I am just using wordpress.com – a hosted version of the open source package where you can start a blog in seconds without any technical knowledge.

      Check out the free features they have here 😀 http://en.wordpress.com/features/


  20. Hi Bryan,

    I have already registered for the Dec 2012 CFA level 1 exam. However, I am graduating this December and I still have to take 3-4 modules where the exam dates will be very near to the CFA level 1. I am very worried that I do not have sufficient time to do reviews/practice mock papers during the last few weeks. Any advice for that? Also, when do you think I should start preparing for the exams? How will this certificate benefit me in any way, considering the tough competition in the finance industry? Lastly, besides this link http://minus.com/mbo9heQUmO/, do you have any additional practice questions? I really want to fully prepare myself for the exam.

    Sorry for asking so many questions!
    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    1. Hi Andy

      As of now these are the questions I have on hand.

      And for additional questions – when you sign up for CFA Level 1, they will give you a link to download sample questions and mock exams hopefully that will add to your practice.

      when should you prepare for your exam? 😀 This is a very open question.
      Because I have friends who use only 1 month while for me I took more than 6 months 😀 (Kiasu + I have no background in finance)

      Cheers and Good luck

      *will post here if I am able to get qbank for CFA level 1

  21. Hi Bryan,

    I am planing to take level 1 in December 12, I graduated 3 years ago with and honours in Economics, do you think my background will be helpful in taking CFA level 1?
    Would you please assist me in sending me any CFA materials that you have to janntheman@hotmail.sg ? Thanks so much!

  22. Hi there. Saw your blog and thought it was very helpful. Just some background info. Commerce graduate who bounced back and fourth from finance to IT. Signed up for the exam. I know every human who takes this exam should want to paw this with passion for but for the older guys like myself. Where or how do you muster the drive to fight through it. Appreciate your advice. If you don’t mind can you also send the sample papers to me also. Thanks man. Here’s the email.

    Mr No discipline…

    1. Hi Ethan,

      Thanks for the comment. In fact to be frank with you, I sometimes have thoughts of dropping my CFA Level 2 for this coming June. I took up CFA Level 1 when I was an electricity trader with a local power generation company but as time grows by I decided this was not something so I decided to quit and start my own business

      Starting a business is never easy and having to find time cope with CFA Level 2 is even harder. Reading is even more intense with Level 2. Unlike in the past, when I just go to work and and to take leaves to study. Starting my own business, I cannot afford to take leave and study. Time is more scarce more..

      So back to your question 😀 I haven really muster the drive to fight through it 😀 but I can share with you CFA is really beneficial even if you are not planning to go back into finance. To me taking CFA is like taking part in a triathlon. It’s a long journey…

      I will forward the sample questions to ur email 😀 there is also a link available among the comments 😀

      Cheers and good luck

  23. Hi may I know how did you register your name with CFA? the reason is that for Singaporeans with only chinese name, the surname is supposed to be in front.. But if you register your surname and first name accordingly, your name will be Xiao Ming Lim instead of the required Lim Xiao Ming.. So how did you go about that problem?

      1. Oic.. thats great.. because the CFA institute keeps sending me notification to ensure that my CFA name and my passport name should be the same.. apparently using your method will get me a Xiao Ming Lim which will be different from the Lim Xiao Ming in the passport.. Haha.. thanks anyway! Cheers

  24. Hi . Useful Info . I’m taking my CFA Level this June another 40 days left . Thanks so much for the study materials. . BTW did u use the Schweser Videos ? Not sure whether to buy a set .

    1. Hi
      Schweser Videos is certainly useful 😀

      But another 40days left, I think the $$ be better spent elsewhere?

      I might have a copy lying around.

      Will keep you posted.

  25. Hi Bryan , I saw your response to sfun ….

    Do mind forwarding me the cfa level I study materials if u manage to find them? Else can recommend what is good to buy? Thanks on advance!

  26. I’d bring an old handphone and put my SIM card in my wallet. can I bring my house keys into the exam?

  27. Hi,
    Could you please share your mock exams for CFA level I with me?
    It would be very helpful.

    Thanks for such nice articles on your blog!


  28. hi, could I bring mechanical pencils to cfa exam instead of the traditional ones? there are some Chinese letters on my pencils are these ok?

  29. hi, can a engineer student with a bachelor degree should try to give cfa exam level 1 , would he will be able too clear it !! what your opinion ? does you have any example of your friends or someone related to this case….

  30. thanks for sharing valuable info. all the best to all who are taking cfa exam next Sunday. take care.

  31. hi bryan,

    While searching about CFA Level 1 i saw your blog which is very informative.Thank you so much for all your info!!!!!!!!!
    I have completed my MBA finance by 2007 and struggled to find a finance job in Singapore so I finally end up with an Admin job.Now i planned to do CFA and decided to attend Dec 2012 exam..
    Is it possible to get financial analyst position by completing level 1 or else i have to wait for next 3 years. Because am having 2 years kid am in need…
    If possible kindly send me some sample notes and materials to my email…

    Thanks again!!!!!


    1. Hi Ramya,

      It’s great to hear from you.

      Here are some materials from Level 1. http://minus.com/mbo9heQUmO/

      I’m not sure if CFA Level 1 will help you to ge a Financial Analyst position, but I believe with your Finance MBA & a CFA it might give you a stronger edge 😀

      Good luck


  32. level 1 exam yesterday was so “challenging”, a few of my cfa coursemate are prepared to retake in Dec. how’s your level2 exam? is level 1 & 2 exam preparation different for u?

    1. Hi, level 2 was tough too.

      Preparation was about the same but the amount of calculation required for level 2 (I think) is slightly more.

      I’m praying for the best too. Result would be out in 2 months time.

      Good luck!!!!

  33. now I know how challenging cfa exam is even for those with some finance background, need lots of practice, can understand why my brother gave up after a few times.

    heard one of my coursemate went to library to start his revision today.

    I’m impress tat people without finance background like u can self study & pass.

  34. thanks for d article.

    like wat d author suggests, my coursemates & myself 1) are prepare to retake exam 2) organising a drinking session in d coming week 3) were sharing our feelings about d exam over dinner at changi airport yesterday.

  35. hi could you send me a copy of your notes as your link has expired.

    once again 🙂 thanks for providing the tips! it is really useful 😀

    you may revert via the email below. tks 😀

  36. Hi Bryan,

    First of all Thank you very much for the guidance.

    I would like to know few things from you.

    I am planning to attempt CFA Level 1, Dec 2012 in Singapore. Could you please share the test centre complete address with me, also it will great if you send the study material on my email id poojari.prasad@gmail.com; I am not able to connect http://minus.com/mbo9heQUmO/ due to some restrictions on my laptop.

    By any chance, do you know does the singapore test centre is closer to Robinson Centre; 61 Robinson Road SG 068893


    Prasad Poojari

  37. Hello Bryan,

    How did your level 2 result end up? I am sure you smashed it. Mine was good as well. I am hoping to register for the level 3 come September, when I have got some bucks to spare. Thanks for keeping this thread up. It sure is making a whole lot of difference.

    I hope to hear from you soonest.

  38. HI Ryan,

    Good Day!!

    Thanks for helping all CFA candidate. I am also going to give CFA Level 1 exam in Dec 2012.
    From you blog’s given link- “https:///www.dropbox.com/sh/gtff043pelzicsc/9WomI52YL0”
    I downloaded the Schwester Material. But after opening the .rar file, when evr clicking on any document its asking for password.

    Could you please help me to get the password ASAP. So that I can also use it.

    Thanks in Advance.. Take care!!

    1. Hi Mohit 😀

      Name is Bryan here but no worries.

      Are you using a mac, the rar file can only be open in windows.
      there is a ShuiQingL1.reg in the folder (after you open the rar file) you need to run. (this will solved the password problem)

      And when you are working in windows, you need to turn your pc time back to 2011 or 2010 (i might forget already sorry) coz the software ends it service in 2011 June.
      so you need to make the software believe there it is 2011 jan 😀

      I hope I am clear 😀


      1. Hi Bryan,

        Good Day!!
        Thanks for your help.

        I downloaded the “Kaplan Schweser CFA 2012 Level 1 Videos + Ebooks Full Pack.rar” from tourrent. It contains lots of videos, study materials. But it is asking for password.

        Could you please help in getting the password for this material, in case you may have used this?

        Please share your number, I want to meet U personally, if you have time.

        Take care..


      2. Hi Mohit

        what is the problem you encounter?

        did you follow the steps 😀

        Are you using a mac, the rar file can only be open in windows.
        there is a ShuiQingL1.reg in the folder (after you open the rar file) you need to run. (this will solved the password problem)

        And when you are working in windows, you need to turn your pc time back to 2011 or 2010 (i might forget already sorry) coz the software ends it service in 2011 June.
        so you need to make the software believe there it is 2011 jan

        Cheers 😀

  39. Hi Bryan,

    Hope you can see this. May I know if you actually purchased the Schweser stuffs from Kaplan or are they available online “somewhere”? I am thinking if the default study notes (ebook or print) given are enough but a search online showed that many studied Schweser have higher chances of passing.

    I’m kinda confused even though i’ve been reading up about the program.

    Also, Kaplan’s website shows so many different Schweser products i don’t even know what is necessary.. Thank you in advance!

    1. The ones in the link are actually from Schweser, they are used by most students 😀
      Mine version is a bit old but I believe it still helps 😀


  40. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for your sharing and I have read your replied msg. I have clicked on the link given. http://minus.com/mbo9heQUmO but it pop error msg “The folder you requested has been deleted or has expired.”

    I would like to register CFA level 1and can you pls email the related materials to my email add.

    Would like to check if i only study the books sent by CFA institute and practice the mock Q whether it is enough for the CFA level exam? Do you think it is better to buy latest mock Q for year 2012 or 2011 or it is about the same like the mock Q given by you?

    when reading ur blog, I realized someone is asking about video material, is the video material is necessary? I am so worry that I cannot cope with the exam.

    May I know what is Schweser? is the materials can help us pass the paper? I have limited time for reading as I am on shift hours. Do u think i should focus on text book only?

    Appreciate ur sharing and hope u have passed level 2! =)

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi

      HEre are the links
      CFA Level 1 – http://bit.ly/QK3CBQ
      CFA Level 2 – http://bit.ly/QK3IJF
      CFA Level 3 – http://bit.ly/QK3KkJ

      They have all the files inside 😀

      Would like to check if i only study the books sent by CFA institute and practice the mock Q whether it is enough for the CFA level exam? Do you think it is better to buy latest mock Q for year 2012 or 2011 or it is about the same like the mock Q given by you?

      most of my friends use Schweser notes, seldom use those sent by CFA. Schweser notes & practice questions works for me 😀
      Mine is the old one 2010. If you are looking for new one you can try here.

      Personal for me I been using the old ones 😀 but it is always better to use the new ones just in case there is a big change in versions

      video is video tutorials a tedious to install but spent some time on it, it’s great if you dun have finance background like me 😀


  41. Hi Bryan,

    I’ve chanced upon your blog while searching for CFA practice papers and I really want to thank you for uploading your papers and notes. I’m taking level 1 exam in Dec and I don’t have any financial background too, so your practice papers will be helpful, appreciate it! Thank you!

    Best wishes,

  42. Hi Bryan!

    im currently a student taking the BSc Banking and Finance with UOL externals (at SIM). I am very keen in taking the CFA immediately after my i complete my degree. May I know if u’re studying at Kaplan or any private institutions that provide classes CFA? Is it tough to study up to level 3 by yourself?


    1. Hi

      I’m not taking any classes 😉 I self study. I think self study is okie, if you are discipline because you need lots of it when u come home from work to study CFA 🙂

      Plus it would not be a big problem for you because you are already taking finance modules so I guess you should pick it up quite quickly.

      And taking it right after your degree is the best coz u are still fresh to finance stuff 🙂

      Cheers and you can download the materials from the above links to have a feel.

      1. Dear Bryan,

        Thank you for your time and reply.

        All the PDF files inside folder Practice exams are ok, just the PDF files inside The folder Study Notes cannot be read except below chapters.


        The following PDF files cannot be read:

        Click to access cfa-level-1-2010-book-1.pdf

        Click to access cfa-level-1-2010-book-3.pdf

        Click to access cfa-level-1-2010-book-4.pdf

        Click to access cfa-level-1-2010-book-5.pdf

        Sorry to trouble you Bryan.


  43. attempted my second cfa exam yesterday & I truly understand why getting a chartered cfa is so coveted . I salute those who pass d cfa exam , need lots of discipline to study so much materials . usually i don’t give up on a started course , but tis time I’m considering whether to continue .

      1. I’ve no confidence thou I study harder tis time :'(.

        d cfa website mentioned tat d average time required to study for d exam is 300 hours , is no kidding . no way to spot what questions coming out , just have to study everything & do tons of practices .

        thou I’m considering whether to continue , surprisingly I pick up d books today to find d answers to d exam questions .

  44. Hi Bryan,

    I just took the CFA Level 1 exam recently. Just wondering if i managed to pass the exam, is there enough time for me to prepare for the June 2013 Level 2 exam?

    Thank you!


    1. Hi

      When I took my level 1 in June, result was out in August and I had time to prepare for level 2 in next June.

      Assuming result is out in mid feb 2013, you will still have 4months to prepare 🙂 time will be a little tight but with good time management should be okie. However do take consideration if u are working, u may need more time 🙂

  45. Hi Bryan,

    I tried to download the CFA level I materials (study notes) that you posted thru the link but I was not able to open the files for Book 1 and Book 3-5, are you able to send me via email? and do you happen to have the latest study materials? Many thanks.

  46. 🙂 i passed level 1 CFA , my hard work paid off 🙂 considering whether to take Level 2 this June. Any advise on how to study Level 2 ? Any difference between level 1 & 2 ?

      1. I’ll do Level 2 but having a hard time deciding whether to do it this year or next. i spend 1 year studying & take exam 2 times to pass Level 1, which 70% of the topics i had learned in my uni Finance/business course. Browsing Level 2 topics, i find that 70% of the topics are new to me, so i conclude that i wud need 2 times the effort i put in for Level 1, so to study so much new topics in 4 months is a challenge i’m not confident.

  47. Hi Bryan,

    Great efforts from you to share your stuffs of CFA.

    I believe sharing achieve good karma. Gdluck to your business!

    Btw, what is the natural of business?


    1. HI CP

      Thanks for the comment 😀
      Current running Intraix.com – an energy management software

      A product of ours had just made its launch over the weekend and there are some reports here which you can probably take a quick look at as well! 🙂

      1) Straits Times: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/energy-saving-app-south-west-district-residents-20130127

      2) SGEntreprenuers: http://sgentrepreneurs.com/2013/01/28/intraix-collaborates-with-gametize-to-create-mobile-app-that-makes-saving-electricity-fun/

      Are you taking CFA too?

      1. Hi Bryan,
        Nice works u have put into the energy mgt software. Its cool! I believe u r doing great.

        Yes, I m going to take cfa this june, should be doing this 5 or 6 years ago. Anyway, better late then never.
        Btw, I wonder why r u taking cfa since u r nt into the financial industries? Based on interests?


  48. Hi.. Bryan your blog has really a lots of info that I need.. and i download CFA 1 level date from your Dropbox..but i have no idea how to install that one.. can you please help me? Thank you so much… 😀

  49. Hi Bryan,

    Am considering CFA and CFMAS and not too sure which is better. Any thoughts?

    Also, do you have the audio or video version of the CFA 1?

    Thanks a ton.


  50. Hi Bryan,

    Am considering CFA and CFMAS and not too sure which is better. Any thoughts?

    Also, do you have the audio or video version of the CFA 1?

    BTW, i manage to download the files for CFA 1 successfully. Thanks a ton.


  51. Thanks Bryan. Apologies for not dropping you a line long before now. I passed level 2 and will be taking level 3 exams this June.

  52. Yes, your blog did help me a lot. You need to keep this up. Are you taking level 2 this June 1? I wish you all the best. Tough curriculum and examination I must say. I only hope that the benefit of the CFA will be worth the hardwork.

  53. Hey Bryan,

    Chanced upon ur blog bcos I was curious about cfa! May I find out some details from u? I am planning to self study and I’m unsure what do I exactly need? Just the Textbook and to practice the questions? If its not troublesome for you can u send it to me? Thank u!

      1. Hi Bryan!

        I will be taking my level I hopefully this dec 2013. Would appreciate if you could send me the mock and study notes for level I! Hope that I study enough and could pass the paper and continue to level II next June.thanks in advance!

      2. Hi I’m sorry but I cannot distribute anymore because my sharing account got suspended for sharing CFA materials, you can see the updated post 😦

  54. Hi Bryan

    Soo nice of you to share all this information. I’m intending to take the CFA level 1 next year. Could you pass me a link for useful documents on it?

    Warmest Regards and best of luck for your business!

    God bless!

  55. Hi Bryan

    I’m really interested to take the CFA level 1, 2 and eventually 3. I’m currently a business undergraduate. Would appreciate if you could send me the relevant stuff:) I understand that your sharing account got suspended but perhaps you can drop me an email? or revert back with your email! Mine is backtothefuturelabel@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!

    God bless

  56. Hello dear Bryan

    Chanced upon your blog when i googled for cfa level 1 information. Im a total newbie in finance and after hearing so much about cfa from my seniors, decided what the hell just dipped my feet into the water. Already registered for june 2015. Might sounds really rash for a engineering graduate but oh well, why not:-)

    Just have some questions that need clarification, eg
    Is it neccessary to bring the credit card that we used to registered online to the test center? If according to your entry, seems redundant but just to be on the safe side.


  57. Hi there, came across your website while researching about CFA level 1. I am really interested in the PROGRAMME and hope that it will help me get a foot into portfolio management. Read the above posts that your link had to be taken down. Would really appreciate if you could email to me relevant materials for CFA level 1 ie the Schweser notes, mock exams etc. I will be very grateful. Thanks!

  58. Hi there, came across your website while researching about CFA level 1. I am really interested in the PROGRAMME and hope that it will help me get a foot into portfolio management. Read the above posts that your link had to be taken down. Would really appreciate if you could email to me relevant materials for CFA level 1 ie the Schweser notes, mock exams etc. I will be very grateful. Thanks!

  59. Hi Bryan, I’m currently serving NS now, a diploma holder in engineering but I am keen on getting the CFA certificate and want to be involved in asset management.
    The requirements of CFA is to have at least a bachelor degree or four years of work experience.
    My aim is to get it in the shortest possible amount of time so I can start working quickly. What do you think are the options I can go for right now? Can you give me some advice?

    1. Hey Chong

      I may not be the correct person to advice you but I have the same background as you. I graduated from TP in Electronics and took a Biz degree from NUS and after that CFA.

      I have a similar friend that had a similar background but he want for SIM. SIM biz degree can be accomplished in 2 years. Towards the 2nd year, You can start taking CFA level 1. Assuming you pass CFA 1 during your year 2, it would also value add your job search.

      During your first year of work, you need to find time for CFA level 2. Once you are done.
      You can go for level 3. Assuming you passed all the exams in one attempt, you can be getting a biz degree and CFA in a total of 4 years.

      *CFA site mentioned that you can start taking CFA level 1 exam when you are in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration* > in this case if you are taking a 2 year sim program, you can take it during year 2.

  60. Hi Bryan,
    I am planning to take the CFA level 1 exam in 2017 and I have a habit to study early since I am a slow at studying or need a longer time. Would it be alright if I ask for a copy of you CFA materials? It would really greatly help me to start early since I do not have any materials right now.

    Please send me a link through email. Thank you very much Bryan!!

    Best Regards!

      1. I tried downloading the app but I am not able to register it now. Unfortunately, I still have to wait next week so that my phone line resets (as the app requests for a security code). But I can try again next week. Thank you so much for the support on this! I can patiently wait until next week so that you would not go through other inconvenience.

  61. Hi Bryan,

    Great tips you had given. Thank you.

    I just created Telegram account. But cannot add you on it via your link in above comment.
    I am going to take 2017 exam as well in Dec. Currently, I am trying to collect the materials.
    Hope to get more practice paper and your practice papers will be really helpful, appreciate your help 🙂

  62. Hi Bryan, do you recommend to attempt CFA while studying in uni? Just finished NS and am currently awaiting uni, really appreciate any replies haha given that its been 5 years since you posted it! Thanks for the tips too!

    1. Hey Lucas

      Wah. How did you find this post? 🙂

      Anyway, I would totally suggest taking it as soon as you are ready. What do I mean by that?

      Here are some things to consider:
      1. I believe level 1 needs you to have some prerequisite, most of my friends took it in year 3.
      2. If you are not from business school, maybe taking some cross faculty accounting modules will help
      3. Time. Because when we are out from NS, we kinda of become “slower” in learning but this will slowly come back. Once you are comfortable with school work, you can take some spare time for Cfa.

      Finally, if you are out in the work-force, it is really hard to find time to study. So if possible try to do it when in school 🙂

      1. Thanks alot for the input 🙂 Sorry few more qnss if you dont mind, how long would it take and when where do you get your resources/tutors? Once again thanks, and have a Merry Christmas 🙂

  63. Wow thanks for being such a lad! I guess these notes will suffice yea? Thanks once again for being such a bro

  64. Hi Bryan,

    Stumbled onto this blog post while researching for CFA.
    I am going to take mine in June 2018. Currently, I am trying to collect some CFA materials.

    Hope to get more practice paper and your practice papers will be really helpful, appreciate your help 🙂.

    How do i get in touch with you to get the resources?

    Thank you!

  65. Hi there ! 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the extra tips during the paper, its really something we cant usually find and tend to overlook. Thank you 😀 I’m planning to take the paper this dec’18. And i got some questions which I’m trying to find answers to, and I’m wondering if you can help me with it, since you’ve took the paper before. I’m thinking of getting the printed study guide from CFAI. Just wondering will there be an extra cost on top of the US$150 if it’s shipped from US to SG?

    1. Hi, I do believe there is a shipping cost. You might like to try taobao, they are selling too. They are the photocopied version binded into books form. I have not tried but I have friends who said they are pretty decent.

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