Tin Pei Ling is my MP

Update: 22 Oct 2018
7 years later, I am writing to correct my words below.

I am so wrong about my statements below. TPL is an awesome MP.  No doubt, that no one is perfect. She has put in effort to make changes for the estate and you can really see the chances taking place. As a resident, I have to say that action speaks louder than words and she have proven to be an outstanding MP.  So much better than the previous.

Thank you.

The election results are out!

And we have a different political landscape now. 3 things that I learned from this election.

  1. We have more oppositions in the parliament now. More voices is it really better, We have 5 years to determine
  2. PAP on a whole are losing more votes. This is because you (lighting) do not really connect with us (citizens) Can you really hear our calling? You have 5 years to change and repent.

  3. And the greatest news of all! Tin Pei Ling is my MP – what more can I say. Mr Goh you are heavy-weight and because of the structure of GRC, Ms TPL is now my MP. Can she be better than Matthias Yao? (do we really trust our hands to TPL, NO but we got no choice) because sometimes in life. Life is unfair) I just hope that she does not ruin Mr Matthias’s effort of building up Macpherson for so many years.

There are many petitions online to remove TPL Personally I do not think it would work, so we can only accept the result and hope for the better. But if Mr SM Goh or any or PAP supporters or anyone see this! Please mentor TPL, please do not let her do stupid things again. if She cannot even handle a facebook account, how can she handle an estate.

At the very very least, I can see she is putting some effort. Please do not let monthly $15k goes to waste. 

Finally I have 1 question in mind. I read MM Lee’s Hard Truth. There is a session that it talks about selecting candidate. I was wondering how did Ms TPL make the cut in the first place???

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