Marine Parade GRC – Should I go for PAP or NSP?

Tonight is the last of of Singapore Election Rally for 2011. Finally after much years of waiting, this is a opportunity for me to choose. This coming May 7th, I have to make my choice.

In 2006, I did not get that opportunity because Macpherson SMC walked over. And Matthias Yeo won, he is quite good and I have no complained against him.

This year, Macpherson SMC is not longer around. It has been lopped into Marine Parade GRC, so I wonder why am I in Marine Parade GRC, Marine Parade is so far away. But I think the people in Hougang will be wondering about the same thing too since they are also in Aljunied GRC (the hottest seats in town) which Hougang is pretty far away too. I thought my decision was going to be easy this year. Since Matthias Yeo have already proven himself so many years, if he continued to run I would surely give my vote to him. For me if the wheel ain broken why fixed it? Furthermore, my blockes haven been very well taken care off.

  • lifts spoils – they get fixed.
  • after some years, there are repainting to our blocks, doors and gates
  • lift upgrading – without it my mom would suffered

Unfortunately, this year Mr Yeo is not running and he introduced an new candidate. Ms Tin Pei Ling they lady who drew so much attention both on social media and traditional media. Based on her interviews on TV, seems like she is following some form of scripts. Even my mom said: so young what does she knows about politics?

But does my mom knows that the contending party in Marine Parade GRC is NSP (National Solidarity Part). Sometime people know its as Nicole Seah Party. Nicole Seah now the hottest lady in town. Her facebook fan page is even more than LKY’s. What my mom does not know is that Nicole Seah is age 24. But because the auntie friends around only talked about Nicole Seah popularity and not her age. Age aside Nicole Seaj certainly has proven herself on interviews as compared to Pei Ling.

So to make sure I make the correct decision, I attended both rally from NSP and PAP. Both parties give very compelling talks. NSP talk by Nicole Seah even drew more cheers than people attending S-League. She speaks out what we truly wanted to say but wait a minute? You speak of all the problem where are the solutions? PAP gave the solutions but if PAP wins the MP that takes care of Macpherson is Tin Pei Ling and personally I do not feel that she is good enough just yet. Not because of her age, but the way she presented herself during the rally and on the media… just does not look confident.  Just like employers looking for employees during interviews sometimes they are looking for the self confident.

I came to a thought if I am going to support a person, I would go for Nicole Seah. If I am selecting I would want a party that shows result and give solutions. That’s PAP. Furthermore, PAP Marine Parade team is lead by SM Goh, with his experience I am sure he would bring prosperity to Macpherson as well. Also I was from Combat Engineer and as a Ops Spec I had the honored to contributed to of the Ops Flying Eagle which Mr. Tan Chuan Jin led. It was a SAF’s relief effort to Meulaboh.

But still I am undecided. Because eventually Macpherson would be under the care of Tin Pei Ling. Maybe I should watch the rally videos again just to be sure.

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