My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

Tokyo marathon 2011 (PixUp)
I would like to sincerely thank Barefoot Store Singapore again for giving me the opportunity to try out their EVO Barefoot.

The Experience

It certainly not easy to run a full marathon with EVO Barefoot because this is my first time going such distance with a minimalist shoe. But I have to say the experience is good. The shoe is light allowing me to lift up my legs with less effort.

Also I had my socks on during the start of the race, but i removed it because II feel that without the socks it allows me to feel the ground > This is important because usually at 30KM I will hit my peak or I would start to stoned 🙂 but with EVO as it allows me to feel the ground I was able to enjoy the run much better as compared to normal shoes.

However, because this is a minimalist shoe… there is not much support for my arch especially I am a serious flat footer. During some part of the run, I did feel aching around the arch area but this was solved some stretching on the feet. So too all flat footers I believe with sufficient training this would be a great alternative shoe for flat footers because it is so hard to find good looking and light flat foot shoes.

4 thoughts on “My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

  1. hi Tuck sing, great to hear that you tried Evo barefoot shoes… If you’re flat footed, then you probably need more arch support.. The other issue is how much your ankle (and sometimes, knee) rolls inward.. i also have flat feet problem, perhaps you can read some some ideas that i share on my blog..

    all the best and stay injury-free! :0

  2. I’m a amateur triathlete/marathon/dualathlon runner myself. Seems like you are very motivated! Pretty sweet! I’m doing my second half marathon this may along with a dualathlon and at least two sprint tri’s this summer.

    1. Whao… you have quite a bit of race coming up 😀 This week together with my friends we will be heading out Western Australia for an Ironman Event. if any opportunity comes up do drop by Singapore for a race, we do have some triathlon events over here. And if you are here, we can go for a cup of coffee.

      Cheers and enjoy training 😀

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