On a trainer and begin a company man

It certainly require lots of determination to ride on trainer. Today I had my first 25km on the trainer after my ankle injury from Tokyo marathon. I was test out if I could just do bike and swim only for the time begin.

It gets bored on the trainer easily. One have to find something to do at the same time (like watching the tv) while concurrently I am sweating like a dog….

Since I had to watch tv, I joined my mom in watching the show on channel 8 (Be Happy)
This show certainly fires me up, it’s starts with a man in his forties and had work for a advertising firm for 10 years. Everyday he just go through the same process of life again and again and he works in an environment where working hard does not pay off as well as sucking up to the big boss. But to him his goal is to retire at 55 and so he just swallow his pride and anger to continue working for the firm. In a part he ask what do people seek on life, is it just waiting for retirement? This question hit me straight into my face.

At the end of this episode, he was diagnose with cancer. For I ask myself, now I am 29 do you want to be a company man and when I am about to retire and I found out I have some sort of sickness that I may not enjoy the rest of my life. Or I want to live my life to the fullest and maybe if I have the opportunity and end it with a bang.

Chances are I am in the latter category and I want my mom to be proud. So friends stay tune for my new venture it’s brewing.

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