Singtel vs Starhub broadband services

I like to share my experience for having to use both of the BB services from both Telcos. I just to be have the Mio Home service which comes with fixed line, BB (3mbps), Mobile and Mio TV. I do not have much complain about the internet service just that sometimes the connections may drop and if Mio Tv is going through any maintenance your internet service would also be affected.

Just last week, my contract with Red ended and because I do not use much of Mio Tv and I have transfer my digital line back to analog line. I decided to move to another telco Green. With my corporate plan I was able to get the same broadband speed 3Mbps (I do not need fast connections) at a cheaper rate at $26.50. While for the Mio I was paying about $36.90 for internet alone.

Plus When the  team retention team from Red called, they did not offer a better package but instead they just offered a increase in speed to 6Mbps at the same price. Since I do not need such a fast service I changed.

2 weeks with Green BB service and how I wished I had not make the change. This is because I was not able to get smooth video from youtube, at first I thought that it was due to my router but I removed my router and connect straight to the modem and the same lagging video happens. HOWEVER this was not the case with Red BB I did not faced any lagging youtube. Both are 3Mbps but why the difference in loading the youtube videos. Plus personally loading for gmail also takes some time for the Green.

But what is worst of all is during the peak hours, Green BB service would start to slow. This did not happen to me when I was with Red.  After which I decided to do some research on the quality on Green BB Services. Not much of the good stuffs on Green!

I had no choice but to complain to Green. I would have to say the platform to complain to Green is good. I used both twitter and facebook (No need to listen for “Press 1 for English”) to make my complain and I was told to do the following to solve the youtube problem.

We also recommend that you visit the following link and download the
accelerator for a smoother video viewing experience on YouTube.


For those who are facing problem with “blacktube” laggy youtube you could try the above method too.

Well, I have myself to blame for not doing enough homework before signing up for the service. So I am writing this blog to share with you (if you are ever thinking of changing internet vendors) just be prepared or just do more research 🙂

Today my Mobileline has its contract ended too with Red, Should I move to Green or Orange? hmmmm

2 thoughts on “Singtel vs Starhub broadband services

  1. I have also noted lags with Green regarding video downloads…but it seems to have gotten a bit better in the past month or two. Wonder what the issue is?

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