My Chinese Reunion Dinner 团圆饭 2011

Just came back from the reunion dinner and suddenly had the urge to share my experience with everyone.

This is the 2nd year that my mom and I are celebrating our Chinese Reunion Dinner with the relatives from my mom’s side. Dinner started at 7pm and it pretty much a taste of the past :). I had the opportunity to taste the food that my mom used to had when she was young.

Yu Sheng was prepared as the started of the meal, beside the common ingredients mangoes, lime juice, small abalone and peanuts were added. Taste was refreshing and it certainly open up my appetite and because it consist of mainly vegetables I was able to enjoy the dinner without guilt 🙂

Next up came the main dish, Spring Roll 🙂 unlike typically Chinese families they would usually have steamboat for their reunion dinner but IN out family Spring Roll is the way to go. I took part in getting my own spring roll ready , I am able to control the amount I wished to consume and the best of all I get to add the ingredients that I like into my own roll.

Everyone enjoyed their food. And at this point in time. I was thinking maybe I should start to learn how do I make the preparation for spring roll because the preparations took  hours 🙂 And most importantly to pass down this tradition t the next generation.

And that all I like to share on this Rabbit Year :)!

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