Route to IMWA 2011 – Run with Evo 10km

This year I would be using Terra Plana Evo for my Ironman Race in 4 Dec at WA.

Today I started my  first training session on a new Evo. Feeling is good, feet is light and I can feel the ground. I started slow, feet was feeling weird… like my right leg is feeling more comfortable than left… knee on the left was a bit strain … but I continue because I knew I have been training a bit too much on treadmill… so different environment need a bit more conditioning.

About 3km in the run, I was feeling good… speed starts to pick up and step starts to move as well. As compared to Newton, I was doing longer strike but with EVO I was doing shorted strike because I feel more comfortable with shorted strike in ECO and indeed the whole run was good and I manage to do a 10km 51mins. It is not fast but I feel good for the whole run which I think is the most important because form plays a big part in training as well as on the actual day of the race.

Thanks to my buddy yiyang too , he was doing a 10km on EVO as well. Very soon we may start on training blog on our route on IMWA 🙂

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