First Post of the Year 2011

Before the first day of 2011 comes to an end. I like to put in my first entry of the year. After much thoughts, I have decided to go for the IMWA 2011. Of course unlike in the past where I had much more time to train, I have less time now due to other commitments but this does not mean that I do not have a goal for IMWA 2011. In fact my goal is to complete the IM under 14hours.

Swim – 1.45hrs, Bike – 6.15hrs, Run – 5hrs.

Earlier this evening, I went for mine first bike ride of the year – did a changi loop and back. But during the ride, I got a flat 🙂 nonetheless, I was able to fix the flat and I feel good about it. In fact, I feel good about the whole ride, I feel I was with the bike. I can go again. Unlike the previous weeks, where I had to drag myself to ride. Today it was different. I feel good. Maybe its because the decision has been made and there is no more worries. JUST DO IT!

I have also created a new page call my resolutions -I would used the page to saved all my resolutions that I want to achieve each year and  in the future I could use it as a feedback o see if I had completed the things I wanted to do.

That’s all for the day before I start heading back to my CFA 🙂

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