Here we go again!

Just this Monday, it marks the start of my training for IMWA2011. Despite the fact that I am still thinking hard if I should go for the event.

The training started 7pm at Katong Swimming complex. It is hard to imagine that I am going through the whole Ironman training process again.

To wake up early in the wee hours to bike

To go for swimming lesson after work! – It used to be after school now its after work and it required even tougher determination

And not to forget about running every alternated days of training. Now while all of these seems normal for me in the past. It really seems like a chore this time round.

is it because I have no interest in Ironman anymore after my first attempt, because the thought of doing once is enough keep springing into my mind.  Or I am just tired? Or Maybe it is time that I focus on my career now instead of spending more time on sports?

confused? 😦


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