Should I or Should I Not?

This morning, I just signed up for an Ironman Triathlon Race in Western Australia. Well I did it again. This time round I did it on impulse (I think).  Why do I say this?

Well firstly, My good buddy signed up already so I was thinking since he is going why not join in since I am also interested. Well on the logical side. Yes I followed my heart but on the monetary side “currently its not”. (well at least to me) I am writing this blog to remind myself that I had said to myself many times that It is time to get focus. Last time when I went for my langkawi Ironman I said to myself “Every year I would try to do an Ironman” but it is not easy as it seems and I am having a hard time to focus

Then I was thinking since the race is so far away, maybe I could start training later in the second half of the year. But why go for a race that I would not be well prepared.

Lastly, I aimed to do a good time for IMWA and I plan to get a good bike for the race. But the time is not good now for a good bike. ($$)

What was the worst thing, in fact I told my buddy that I would not be going yet minutes later I sms him and told him I signed up. This feeling sucks. This means I am not going to enjoy my training period and the race. or Would I?

So should I go or should I sell my slot away?

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