My Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS 2010) experience

Another challenging day for me again 🙂 but its feels great. The ability to push my limits and to know where is my boundary.

This year the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS 2010) have a completed different starting route as compared to the past. For the 42km, which I took part in, it started in orchard road a very unique and refreshing feeling plus it starts at 5am thus helping most runners to avoid the late morning to afternoon sun (if provider if the runners are able to finish early :P)

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This is yiyang and me taking of routine photo at the baggage area. Last year we did the same thing too 🙂 so maybe we could start collecting our marathon photos from now on.

We met at 3.30am today, check in our bags and off we  go to the starting line. Yiyang and the barefoot team was doing the record of having the most number of people crossing the finishing line at the same time. I did not took part so I went straight to the starting point. The starting point was well organised, it was categorized according to different target time. For example, I chose the under 5hrs category upon registration and was given a green tag so I could join fellow runners and pacing clocking under 5hrs. I did know of this till I got to the venue. So the starting was very good, runners have space to run and because you are running with fellow runners of similar pace, there is no need to stop or walk. Kudos to the organizing team of SCMS 2010!

In fact I was hoping to do my PB. My best time for marathon is still 4hrs 17mins clocked in shanghai. I was hoping to achieve something better or even sub 4hrs if possible. But I know it would be tough because work and my work do not really give me much time to train, but nevertheless, I must push on to try.

I started off pacing with the 4hrs group, going at a good pace. Till I reach the Chinatown area where I had to pee 😦 when I came out …booo they were long infront of me. Eventually I managed to catch on at the east coast area. I check my timing. I was feeling pretty good just that a bit sleepy. I was doing 55mins for my first 10km. Clocking a 2hrs a the halfway mark.

As I start to reach from 22km to 25km. This has always been my weakest link.  Because there is such a long way to go. Sun was rising and the sky starts to get clear. I slapped my face a few times to wake myself up from the sleepy condition and continue to push on. On the 25km, I lose track of the 4hrs pacing guys so I relied on my watch on the pacing. This is also the time that I start to remember it not how fast to you at the start because I start  to see runners who I had past in the early stage catching up with me. Its about how long you can last 🙂 at least I know from the bottom of my heart that I walked less than I used to in the past.

The toughest route will have to be the route crossing from East Coast Park to Marina Bay Sun, we cut through a construction site and a beautiful park. It was a visual treat but there was no shade thus when the SUN shines…. I feel like a lobster under intense heat.

4.05hrs I reach the 38km mark. I though I still had the chance to finish at least below 4.20hrs. But I was wrong, the 38km mark was the zone that all runners from 10km, 21km and 42km converged. This created a massive human jam at the bridge area, furthermore people who are tired starts to walk, they would break the momentum of the upcoming runners. From 38km to 42km. It took me 40mins to do my last 4km !!!!

I completed the race at 4:41hrs better than last year but much behind my target. The only comforting thing is I manged to hold on 38km mark . I certainly need more practice and training. Till 2011, I would set my goal at sub 4hrs wish me luck.

The 42km Route

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