10km run at MacRitchie Reservoir with Vivo Barefoot Ultra


The weight of ultra on feet is extremely light, its feels like I am running without a shoe. And because of the thin layer of sole, it also makes my steps on rocky stones along the macritchie trail “sensational”. As compared to Vivobarefoot EVO, EVO provides a little bit of more comfort because of it cushion sole. On the other hand, this “sensational” feeling makes me pay more attention and adapt better  to the ground condition.

With functional plug-in tongue and laces, I decided to remove the plug in tongue for this run because I was afraid that the rough edges on the tongue would create friction with my feet. However, there were some abrasion still. The shoe laces is good, a light pull and you are tight and comfy to go > maybe I could try my next triathlon with the Ultra

Close up on my feet shows the "cut" skin on my last toe.

One of my running mate points out a concern, “if you wear this shoe without a socks,and this shoe is made of plastic like material, wouldn’t there be more heat generated while running making your feet to sweat more?

My answer to this is no. Surprisingly I do not feel much sweat on my feet and because of the holes that provide much airing, my shes do not smell as bad 😛

Running with Ultra at MacRitchie trail, I do not feel so worry because of the puncture resistant sole, it makes me focus more on my running style and tempo.

I will be doing more runs with Ultra and will give more updates 🙂

*Vivo Barefoot Ultra is not out yet in the market, thanks to Barefoot Store I have the opportunity to try. I would like to mention that there is a sock provided when you purchased the Ultra. It is mainly use for winter purposes. You can find more information from the video below

Here is video introduction on Ultra

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