My new BOB Tote from timbuk2 have arrived!!!

Finally, after BOB have traveled half way around the world he has finally arrived. I am so happy that I would like to share my happiness with everyone 🙂

He started out from US, then to Korea, follow by HK and across the sea to ShenZhen before landing at Singapore at 11.20AM – 22 Oct 2010.

Let's welcome Bob from US

I just want to say I love timbuk2 bags. I owned a Timbuk2 messenger bag, a data dump and now its BOB tote.

Why is it called BOB. Because

No matter which way you spell it, Bob is two bags in one. Outside (or in), he’s mellow and matte. Inside (or out), he’s sexy and slick. Constructed of durable, waterproof Tarpaulin fabric, Bob is ready for drippy produce and weekend wardrobes. Carry him as a tote, cart him as a shoulder bag, or sling him as a Messenger. > quote from timbuk2 site

This is mine
This belongs to Tongye's

Another friend of mine,who is also a fellow Timbuk2 fan also purchase a silver BOB tote 🙂

Will give reviews on the bag soon!:P

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