My first North Face 100km Duo Race


There is always rainbow after the rain

One word for the race: TOUGH!!!

Last Saturday 09 Oct 2010, I completed my first north face 100km duo race. I would like to share my experience about this trail run in Singapore. My partner for the race was Nick, but because he was sick thus another friend Zhi Zhong took over his place. *(Zhi Zhong took over the race last minute, thus he did not have any training for the race, but he is a frequent runner and the best thing of all, he did not have a water bag, all he had was a Pokka Green Tea 1.5L bottle with throughout the 50km race) **so if you are thinking of joining this race and not getting a water bag it is possible! Kudos to Zhi Zhong

Me & ZhiZhong & Legendary Kenny

1st 10km – kind of nervous when I started the race, the past of sundown 84km in 2009 still hunts me. During the first 10km from MR to rifle range road, the road was good, my pace was good averaging around 6.oo per km.

10 – 20km marks the technical part of the route, as we moved into the kampong trail and towards Singapore Quarry, up and down slope, turn left turn right. It was fun but the technical seems to wear me out faster.

20 – 30km MANDAI – the killer slopes, no trees, hot sun > I Love it!

My advise – do not force yourself up the slope, walk when you need to or simply fast march. Also route into Mandai was also the last water point, so please top up before going in, otherwise it would be another 10km before you will see the water point again. 🙂

if you love challenge, this is the part of the hill, I finally realized, what is mind over body. I truly Respect athletes did the 100km, because I could never imagine the thoughts of going back into Mandai hill again for the 2nd round.  🙂

How long can I go?

30-40km Along Zhenhua and back to rifle range road. The 2nd tough part of the journey, because for most part of this route I was walking (fast march) about 8~9mins per km.

The last 10km – I learn that if you really want it you can get it. I did a bit of run and a bit of walk pushing myself to finish , I kept thinking if I give up at this stage all the effort& training I had earlier done would be wasted. In my opinion, I feel that TNF100 is actually tougher than Ironman, because in IM we are using different kinds muscle and each leg we can rest another part of the body, while TNF100 every moment the focus is on your legs.

Pushing to finish
Running strong with one thing in mind - TO Finished

Kudos to all people who completed the TNF100, it was a tough race.

if you have not try it, you should! 🙂

The North Face 100 Singapore Route Map

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