To stay focus! How hard can it be.

Yesterday, I met up with 2 friends.

A Lady – with clear focus and objective on climbing the corporate ladder.

A Guy – with a dream and commitment to be an  Entrepreneur

I admired them because both of them are focus and have clear direction on what they really one. Upon graduation, the lady focus solely on the application for banking positions, because she knows what she wants and begin committed and focus she got what she wants. The same goes for the Guy, he works hard in building up his network, putting all his time into business plan… meeting investors, now he have managed to secured a large funding for his project.

I kudos to both of them. I am writing this post to remind myself that if I stay committed and focus, (+ hard work) the reward will follow. One of my weakness is that sometimes I am easily sway, or easily distracted.

Upon graduation, I move from startup to established firm.  Where is my focus? Is it really that hard to stay focus? If I only want to work to learn, what is my end objectives? Youth is drifting away and time is flying off I have to make my move quick. All talks and no action = bullshit

I ask myself do I want to climb the corporate ladder or do I want to own the ladder?   Time is money and it is drifting away.

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