Training Log: Tempo run

Each round – 850m

Ran 10 round – each round averaging about 4.30mins

I was feeling great starting from round 1 to 5, but from round 6 onwards steps start to get a bit smaller but breathing was still good, I also feel that my running posture is getting better. Since like running slower and paying attention to my running style is a better form of training compared to training just focusing on speed.

Round 8, trainer wants us to open up our legs.  Starting it was a bit difficult but as I lean my body forward it seem that the legs start to follow. I was felling good and breathing was good. Round 9, I opened my legs wider but I can start to feel stress on my knees, I pushed on. Round 10, breathing was getting heavier and mental starting to get weak. So I speed up and completed my last round.

In fact I want and need to use to the feeling of opening up my legs and maintain the body posture – I feel that the best set is round 8, if I can do 10 rounds based on round 8. I think I can do better.

Now I look forward for my next training, 30km. The very last training before TNF 100 on 09 Oct 2010.

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