Book Review: The really good fun cartoon book of NLP

If you want to understand NLP in a easy and fun way, this is the book to read. It has cartoon that help me visualize plus there are not much technical terms involved in the book.

In the book, it very simply put NLP is our

  1. Brain and the things that goes inside our mind
  2. Language, both spoken and body
  3. Behavior and thinking patterns.

it also highlights the basic structure of NLP , how does it helps? Namely

  1. building rapport – communicate with people / each person is different thus there are argument so learn to appreciate and respect.
  2. Using our FIVE senses – to feel, to see pay attention … especially develop listening skills
  3. Make us think – “Start with the end in mind”
  4. flexibility in our behavior

afterwhich the books goes in details in a lighthearted manner, although the material is light, it makes me think deep. I would like share what have I learn from the book.

As you all would know in the previous post, I was thinking if I should be taking CFA, CAIA, or CFP. After much consideration , there was no action. But after the book I took my action. It was the part on choices, there are many ways you can look a problem, either half full or half empty and of course when you make a decision – Believe it. In my case, I been thinking that CFA is difficult, I was worry that I may fail, but the thing is if I keep on thinking that I will not do well, I really will not do well because my mind is not able to determine what is negative. So I MUST PASS, I PASSED. After I Passed I will excel my career with it.

Beside these, there are are some exercises that are for the readers.

For example, write a postcard to yourself.

Think how is it like in 5 years time, where are you, what are you doing – start with the end in mind.

Then write another postcard, this time 10years into the future.

The exercise I like most is this, think and write down what you really want.

  1. where are you now?
  2. where are you going?
  3. How will you get there?

And right after this exercise, I sign up for CFA, because if I want to be the best , I should take the best. So if you need a bit of a push. This book might help 🙂

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